Someones selling "ancient Kukris"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Arrses advice wanted. I've found someone selling "ancient kukris", a pair, for £20 each.

    The only thing is, something doesn't look right.

    My old man spent some time with Jonny, and he has 2 Kukris at home. One functional, one presentation.

    Have a gander at the photos. These appear to be presentation kukris, in a functional scabbard.

    Your thoughts please.

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  2. H3

    H3 LE

    How about a link .......
  3. At first glance they look to me to be the sort of ones that are made in India, purely for tourist types.
  4. That was my thought also.

    A link? It's on another forum not a "shop" website.
  5. just back from 3 months in nepal & there are hundreds of different types for sale out there from your bog standard webbing issue types through to ceremonial type ones.
  6. Well it is a kukri and it does look a bit old. Not so sure about 'ancient' though.

    In Nepal a kukri is as much a field tool as it is a weapon and used pretty widely throughout the country and beyond. As Knocker has pointed out there are hundreds (I would even suggest thousands) of different types. Larger villages will have their own very skilled blacksmiths who will knock up kukris made to order - I had a massive feck off one made just for me that is over three feet long, just because I could!

    £20 is not a bad price, but almost impossible to verify age, where made, quality of the metal, etc, etc. If you just want one to hang on the wall then I can't see why not.
  7. looks like they've had a chrome application. Generally meant for hanging on wall types than working tools. look at kukri house for some working ones. for proper presentation ones, look for kothimura kukris, should be available through the regt silversmiths with QOGLR or RGR
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    Yep a link .... ! to see why the person is claiming to call these " Ancient " rather than just looking at third party photo's .

    I have a British Service No.1 khukuri but as you can see from this website you have a mine field of variations .
  9. The blade looks like it's more of a display type rather than a functional, but then it could have just been well polished. Me old man lived in Nepal for a couple of years putting in phone lines and brought back a few properly gnarled up Kukris. 10 minutes of polishing later and they came up shiny again.
  10. What's the little notch at the bottom of the blade for? Does that locate in the scabbard?
  11. Even if they are just tourist stuff, at £20 a pop, they're still decorative and intereresting, aren't they? Or are you specifically after 'genuine' or antique ones?
    I have a feeling I saw one on either the Regementals or the Blunderbuss Antiques website about a month ago- could be worth a look...?

  12. kukris do shine up fairly well, they are made out of good steel that will take a polish (old lorry springs are the best apparently) , but judging by the pitting at the base of the blade these looked to have been chromed, suggesting lower quality touristy items. They still arent bad for £20 though, I use a chrome one for spliting small logs for the woodburner.
    Ancient is a variable term though, can mean anything from about 10 year old in computing to 4,000 yeaar old in archeology
  13. Ancient My Ass....

    My Brother brought a pair of the same type home from a trip to India in 1980. Nickle plated Blades with Aluminum bolsters must have been state of the art in the 1800's