Someones not on the Christmas list this year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. A bit subtle I'd just have called them workshy lazy cunts,
    'I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed': retired naval officer's email to children in full - Telegraph

    Dear All Three

    With last evening's crop of whinges and tidings of more rotten news for which you seem to treat your mother like a cess-pit, I feel it is time to come off my perch.

    It is obvious that none of you has the faintest notion of the bitter disappointment each of you has in your own way dished out to us. We are seeing the miserable death throes of the fourth of your collective marriages at the same time we see the advent of a fifth.

    We are constantly regaled with chapter and verse of the happy, successful lives of the families of our friends and relatives and being asked of news of our own children and grandchildren. I wonder if you realise how we feel — we have nothing to say which reflects any credit on you or us. We don't ask for your sympathy or understanding — Mum and I have been used to taking our own misfortunes on the chin, and making our own effort to bash our little paths through life without being a burden to others. Having done our best — probably misguidedly — to provide for our children, we naturally hoped to see them in turn take up their own banners and provide happy and stable homes for their own children.

    Fulfilling careers based on your educations would have helped — but as yet none of you is what I would confidently term properly self-supporting. Which of you, with or without a spouse, can support your families, finance your home and provide a pension for your old age? Each of you is well able to earn a comfortable living and provide for your children, yet each of you has contrived to avoid even moderate achievement. Far from your children being able to rely on your provision, they are faced with needing to survive their introduction to life with you as parents.

    So we witness the introduction to this life of six beautiful children — soon to be seven — none of whose parents have had the maturity and sound judgment to make a reasonable fist at making essential threshold decisions. None of these decisions were made with any pretence to ask for our advice.
    In each case we have been expected to acquiesce with mostly hasty, but always in our view, badly judged decisions. None of you has done yourself, or given to us, the basic courtesy to ask us what we think while there was still time finally to think things through. The predictable result has been a decade of deep unhappiness over the fates of our grandchildren. If it wasn't for them, Mum and I would not be too concerned, as each of you consciously, and with eyes wide open, crashes from one cock-up to the next. It makes us weak that so many of these events are copulation-driven, and then helplessly to see these lovely little people being so woefully let down by you, their parents.
    I can now tell you that I for one, and I sense Mum feels the same, have had enough of being forced to live through the never-ending bad dream of our children's underachievement and domestic ineptitudes. I want to hear no more from any of you until, if you feel inclined, you have a success or an achievement or a REALISTIC plan for the support and happiness of your children to tell me about. I don't want to see your mother burdened any more with your miserable woes — it's not as if any of the advice she strives to give you has ever been listened to with good grace — far less acted upon. So I ask you to spare her further unhappiness. If you think I have been unfair in what I have said, by all means try to persuade me to change my mind. But you won't do it by simply whingeing and saying you don't like it. You'll have to come up with meaty reasons to demolish my points and build a case for yourself. If that isn't possible, or you simply can't be bothered, then I rest my case.
    I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed.
  2. Something tells me he's not happy about something...

    If his kids are so piss poor then he should have a good hard look at his own parenting skills.
  3. Fuck me who rattled Prince Philips' cage?
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  4. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I keep sniggering at this bit.
  5. "Dear Dad

    Yeah cheers you baby boomer generation cunt, there's a recession on if you hadn't noticed and at least I have a job.
    By the way I used to piss in your cups of tea and clean the toilet with your toothbrush, how's that for domestic ineptitude.

    P.S. the nursing home I'm picking for you is going to make Stalins Gulags look like Butlins.

    The disappointments"
  6. Funnily enough I feel the same about my family...

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  7. I agree, "it makes us weak that so many of these events are copulation driven" is by far the best bit ...
  8. I can't believe that you're siding with this loser. Check out his photo. The old cunt has spent far too many nights away on the rum getting felched and hoop smashed to give a fuck about his kids. Look at his face! The alcoholic mong. I reckon he looks like a refined "ark angel."

    With him being away, trying to surpress his homosexuality, it's no wonder that his wife took to drink, drugs, and getting laid by every man with a hedge-trimmer within a 42 mile radius of her home.

    At the end of the day, his kids like putting out......all I need are the addresses.

    Miserable homosexual Navy cunt.
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  9. You'll get splinters in your arse sitting on that fence old boy.
  10. Not true goat, I have given my stepdaughter a private education, more opportunities than you can shake a shitty stick at, she moans, whines and winges about everything, her gran bought her a car, she is failing at college due to the fact she is lazy, wants everything handed on a plate.......strangly she too will be receiving an email of non-happy tiddings, I also know some good kids, who's parents were absolute shite, drugs etc, didnt give a fuck about their kids types.Who are doing well in life.

    You can only lead a horse to on, so forth!!
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  11. Since PA clearly CBA;

    This kind of thing merely reinforces my long-held suspicion that having children is overrated.
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  12. Seen many a marriage go cunt up upon the introduction of a squalling bundle of stink.
  13. Good point.
  14. Well the little bastards will insist on not dying!
  15. I blame the parents.......