Someones not happy with white people

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Raises some interesting points like how her parents were brought here, were they? Shes clearly not happy being here, so whats to stop her emigrating to Jamaica-mon!

    She clearly not be likin-in here in da UK-mon with da boomberclat white people and da more black she be da more happy she be she tink da white man want ta be black, she say she from "fucking Africa" born in Jamaica mon so which is she man dem tinks me need flip a coin or give her half-half teory mon.
    She claim man dem go under da sun bed to become black and she say her man dem gonna take back what dey took and she claim da diamondz dat be in da ras clat queen jubilee her people suffered for dat.

    Would it be wrong to say she looks like shes got bi-polar disorder?
  2. Mental patient or pisshead?
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  3. Will plod spring into action as quickly as they did with the woman on Tramlink?
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  4. Both
  5. I would.
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  6. Nope. She's one of the "speschuuuul people" and the met wont want to touch her with a barge pole.
  7. Quite right too. As long as you're not inciting violence you ought to be free to slag off anyone you wish, to your heart's content. Now let's see that dispensation applied across the board.
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  8. Suck yuuuuu mama
  9. What language in the name of Christ was she speaking?

    I would happily fund her one way trip back to the cesspool from whence she slithered.
  10. As you say, will they? I suspect not, but then should they have bothered with the mad white woman on Tramlink? Most people can see that they are just individual nut-jobs. But I suppose if you are going to prosecute one, you ought to prosecute both. Otherwise it might be seen as more than a touch patronising.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

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  12. Since her cesspool of origin is probably a long way away that could be expensive; surely more cost effective to just take her to the nearest abattoir and put a bolt gun to her temple?
  13. My she's a feisty one. No babe in arms to heighten the effect but she's waving it about something proper.

    If only they had an Olympic event for for racist ranting on public transport, Britain would have the Ladies gold.

    On The Daily Mash Tube to introduce ‘racists only’ carriages