Someones not getting any sleep!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Found this over at 'the other site'.

    Apache rant, Pprune

    Seems CPG isn't getting enough sleep and wants to be loved. Insecure? Possibly............

    Apache is great but CPG aint doing his side any favours with posts like that IMHO.
  2. Sadly there do seem to be a few people around the bazaars for who AH CTT seems to have involved a certain amount of ego expansion. I understand something similar happened when Lynx entered service all those years ago. I'm sure it will wear off once the AH love gets shared a little more widely.
  3. I really do not understand the difficulty that some people are having with accepting the Apache into Army service. It is an awesomely powerful beast that requires an above average pilot to fly it (or should I say "manage the systems"). Sure there was a delay implementing the programme, sure there were not enough pilots ready to point it.........but that is now behind us.

    The Apache is a whole different ballgame with respect to the amount of support it needs in the field and now, from what I can read, this support is in place. Lets all accept the beast and learn to use it to its fullest capacity........killing bad guys!!
  4. Has it ever worn off !!!

    Are you saying that some current Lynx crew now feel like the old Gazelle crews, having the P*** taken for flying the chiken leg, all those years ago how some Lynx pilots (Drivers) had the worlds biggest ego expansion when Westlands got the World Record, never did hear any of them mention that they rip the guts out of the machine to do it. :eek:

    Great if true "if you dish it out plan on it coming back at some point"

    Having said that there can not be that many crew left that remember introduction of Lynx, but hell there were a few that had the ego expansion when they crossed over to Lynx. :lol:
  5. Its the same for the Groundies crossing over from ML Handler to the Helilift.........


  6. or from clansman to bowman !!!
  7. I'll be looking for a job on the Apache about April 06. Any of you buggers hook me up with one?
  8. Is there an extra button to push??????????Bloody nigs.
  9. bowman........there is such a thing????
  10. Of course there is - Elvis told me as he rode past on Shergar!!!
  11. about the same time we got promised tech pay/new bowsers/better zulu fly forward kits etc? yeah saw the King doing a flyby at wattisham hitching a lift on Santa's sleigh.......escorted by a sqn of flying pigs! - or was that RAF coppers?

  12. So why pick average pilots to do CTT?
    I think that was a bone comment to say it takes above aveage who else thinks so?
  13. The selection process for CTT1 did not include the need for an above average grading. However, from what I've seen of mates that have done it I would say it certainly requires one hell of a personal effort to complete. It isn't a machine for those amongst us that are happy to draw the pay and do the absolute minimum to get by.
  14. all the above and then some !!!!