someones having a laugh surely ??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bald.paul.101, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Saw in the papaer that Gordon Brown fancies a job at the IMF when the head honchos post comes up next.

    Is he serious ???

    Mind you old Tony managed to get a job as a middle east peace envoy so anythings possible I suppose.......
  2. And look at how effective Tony has been since he got the job ......................
  3. Yep in the last year or less since Gordon Brown was shown the door he has admitted mistake after mistake.
    Now he proposes to sit in judgement of others.

    What did he put in his CV? 'you aint seen nothing yet' perhaps.
  4. I would imagine El Gordo the Great is er, Deadly serious.
    He has never acknowledged his role in bankrupting UK and from what one can gather really believes we the Rich countries should pay for the poor countries.
    Mind you I can't see him asking the New Rich the BRICS for any contribution for they are all developing countries.

  5. New suit for the emperor please, it seems his current suit is becoming visible in areas!
  6. And I understand he does not hold a driving license or has ever had a normal job, always a party apparatchik, then MP, minister, PM and now Backbencher (none attending).

  7. That would be correct.

    Gordon Brown is the very epitome of the party apparatchik. Gordon Brown has never leaned to drive because he's always had someone to drive him. This explains why Brown was so anti motorist. And never having owned a car or paid for the running of one, (In Browns world, petrol is free, all his driver does is wave a card and it's job done), he couldn't grasp how hard his tax increases effected ordinary people who actually did.
  8. Oh how I would like to turn Gordon into garden compost.....
  9. Fixed that for you but it gives me no pleasure at all to know that it is extremely likely to eventuate.
  10. Well if these two can get such jobs I can suggest a few other roles for people who really shouldnt be anywhere near them.....

    Head of Provision of Care to the elderly in for West Yorkshire Health Authority - Harold Shipman

    Chairperson for the Comission for Racial Equality - Nick Griffin

    Head of Underage Sex Tourism Investigations at INTERPOL - Gary Glitter

  11. And not forgetting

    Middle East Peace Envoy - Phoney Tony Blair
  12. Yep he left School at 15 went to university on a scheme that ended with him for bright pupils
    then became president of the student union surprise surprise.
    This was then followed on by being employed as a lecturer first in Edinburgh then Glasgow during this time he would turn up late for lectures often.

    He then took up a job with the BBC in Glasgow in a role that didn't exist before he arrived and strangely enough the position was binned as soon as he left the BBC.
    Then up comes a safe seat in Fife and the rest as they say is history.

    Gordon Brown was groomed for high office from an early age. Ability or lack of it was never going to be allowed to get in the way.
  13. This has GOT to be a sick joke! The failed oaf Brown all but ruined this country and rendered it close to ungovernable.

    The thought that he is being considered for ANY employment leaves me speechless. He has nothing to commend him either professionally, politically or personally. That he 'rose' to be prime minister is indicative of the awful state of politics in Great Britain.

    When it is considered that this country was governed for thirteen long years by the likes of Brown, Prescott, Hain, Harman, Hodge, Hewitt and a large collection of other non-entities, it is amazing that we still exist! Our woes being compounded by the frightful European Soviet Union to boot.

    With Blair's total lack of success in the Middle East, I would have imagined that all prospective employers of detritus from the failed Labour shambles of a so-called government, would give said twerps a very wide berth.
  14. I don't know 5 countries having a hissy fit is no mean feat...

    Oil prices rise; new people at the helm; nothing beats the PR for the new FJs involved -- have I missed anything?

    I'm guessing Gordon Brown has had enough time with 'his family' then? He's always thought of himself as an economist.
  15. "He's always thought of himself as an economist. "

    but didnt he say once when questioned closely as to why some section of fiscal policy was complete dog shit that he "wasnt an economist" or something like that ?