Someone's blown up an AS90 in Canada

No one injured - but Ludgershall could do with rolling out one of the war stock guns.

Will it be a cover up?  Can the Royal Regiment ever admit to getting anything slightly wrong?  Might screw things up for all concerned - the doo doo would flow uphill right through the Number One's alimentary canal and onto the CO's desk.

Wouldn't mind a photo, though.  Apparently just the tracks are left, with a cartoon-style pile of ashes and charred metal in between.

Now true or not.... This is really interesting stuff... we do of course need to see photographic proof, besides, how the fu*k do you do that to an AS90??

By the way shouldn't this sort of information have been put in the 'Int Cell' thread?
48 rounds in the turret.  Charge Bag about to be loaded gets set off.  47 more to go but the burning action gives them time to get far enough away for just a few minor shrapnel wounds.

Thoroughly unreliable sources suggest a picture has found its way onto the internet somewhere.
I have some awesome photos of an MLRS accident which are three years old.  The rockets cooked off in the pods whilst it was on the firing point.  The crew luckily escaped when they noticed that the first rocket had landed 40 feet in front of the LLM, so they gave it big licks out of the cab (with safety officer in tow) in the other direction after which the rest of the rockets proceeded to ignite within the launcher itself.  I have the "after" photos.  Anyone interested in seeing them??
Do you think that is wise GQ with the amount of "personalities" who have guessed who you are?   If fact put them on it was pretty funny.   Although i have photos of a particular Command Post, stuck in a shell crater during a move over the impact area many moons ago, with the det commander giving me the bird.   Shall i put those on??  ::)
Send us what you've got and we'll decide whether we can or can't post them!
I think there's a call for a thread or area of the site where we can post/view the spectacular sort of photos of things going wrong on exercise. You know the sort of thing, I used to have plenty of pics of vehs bogged in or having 'bumped' a locals house or other mishaps.

Might even be useful for some people to brighten up the really boring road safety/x-country/fire safety briefings!

Just a thought  :-*
Ashchurch can't roll one out of war stock (not least because there is no longer any such thing) because the ones they do have are what is commonly referred to as christmas trees - cannabalised hulks!
to get photos on here they have to be available on the www.

If anyone has photos they want to post but doesnt have a website to host them they can send them to me and I will put them on a site and email you the link so thay can be posted.

just email to my address below and I'll sort the rest out for you.

Ok here it is!
And of course, anything we can do the SPAMS can do better!

Have to admit GS is right, two very thought provoking photos.

Firstly, that's an awful lot of damage to an armoured vehicle. I hope we can do as much damage to the enemy's vehicles as we obviously can to our own!

Secondly, what are the spams all about? I know that if I’d just driven my tank into a ditch, I wouldn’t be stood in front of it getting my photo taken! Take a photo, yes, but I think I’d be too busy trying to think up some really BIG excuses :eek:


Cut! Reload...

Does my black heart good to see armoured vehicles in distress! ;D
Also available as 'larger' higher quality jpg files if anyone wants them....
Just getting ready to receive two new PO coming to visit. They are still unsure what Regt to join think I'll wheel out the old photos just to prove what damage we can do accidentally imagine what is possible if we want to cause mayhem.  

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