Someone with a lot of time and money should...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimmyquadrophenia, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. ...Rewrite 'A Soldiers Pocket Book' aide memoire in the style of ARRSEPedia!
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  2. You mean, like "The Official ARRSE Guide to the British Army", only smaller?
  3. Still got mine but my last dog ate a fair bit of it.
  4. Never Heard of this "The Official ARRSE Guide to the British Army", I'm fairly new to ARRSE. Will it fit into Cbt Jkt and where can I get it???! :D
  5. Aw bless :)

    You can get it on Amazon! It's bloody funny as well as containing factual information. Not quite pocket-size, hence my comment.

    Best wishes, Lumps.
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  6. Well I've never seen it at all!! But then I was only ever a map-stacking stab many years ago.

    I do vaguely remember a hilarious little booklet entitled "Survive to Fight", now that really would be funny given the Arrsepedia treatment!
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