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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by ugly, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Royal Armouries have done this, I thought it may be appreciated here :D
  2. *sniff, blub* of the finest examples of matching wood with metal.
  3. Oh how I miss the 4x2 (100x50 for the youngsters) and the smell of gun oil :cry:
  4. Thanks for posting that ugly that was a realy good video to watch. Im glad Royal Armouries are doing this. :)
  5. Interesting. I see Tropper66 was expounding on the characteristics of the Martini-Henry .45 cal. :p
  6. Might just have to go to the cupboard and get my Lee-Enfield out for a polish..... :)
  7. Everyone i know still calls it 4X2 :D
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats alright, I often fancy lending my experience but then I sober up, no one wants to know about the great D10 battle on Sussex Mountain or the area cleaning of Black Rincon!
  9. Ah, the memories. I did notice, however, that the geezer who received the SLR didn't immediately drop the mag and check chamber, which would have been my first automatic move. But maybe he had other things on his mind. Thanks for posting this, Ugly, it was nice to see a "proper" SLR with wooden furniture, instead of that horrible black plastic.

  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    At Biggin Hill last year the TA Fusiliers had one with an SMLE chained up, I stripped the SLR and he looked at me and pleaded for me to put it back together!
    I smiled and asked if I could strip the firing pin!
  11. Everyone I know thinks 4x2 is a size of wood :lol:
    Now where's my pull through and nylon brush :D
  12. Sorting through some krap the other day and came across some 4 x 1 1/2 (100 x 38 for them that speak French) you can have them for oiling, if you wish.
  13. Where upon a panicked look spread across his face. :D

    Haven't handled an SLR in years, but could still strip and assemble one blind-folded. :)
  14. The best thing is to sly unscrew the front of the pistol-grip on an SLR and fold the trigger-guard into it. Then leave it lying there with an "Arctic trigger" and everybody scratching their dumplings.

  15. I've handled that SLR and SMLE (mk3* I think) at Royal Armouries in Leeds.

    They have a demo thing they do on the 3rd floor(Modern weapons) where they show the progression of weapons over time; a couple of muskets, an early rifle*, the SMLE, SLR and an AKS-47.

    I asked the bloke running the demo about old Squaddies whilst handling the SLR, he said pretty much all do as you described and he had hell on stopping them feild-stripping it :D

    *I don't know which rifle, it wasn't a Martini-Henry or Baker before you get excited.