Someone please help me

i recently passed selection and was agreed a place as a junior soldier to join the REME as a recce mech, but i just got off the phone with my recruiter, and he's said that for some reason i have to go to training as an armourer then request an SPCO or something similar with the OC i believe and explain who i am and who my recruiter is and he should transfere me straight to the RECCE mech course.

i'm just a little confused, any one understand whats happening?
Perhaps you're not fat enough to be a Recce Mech.
How many pies do you eat per day?
I'd stick to your guns, and go in as a Recce mech, if you want? I know that the Army is short on Armourers, so the ACIO may be pulling a fast one to meet quotas? It's not as easy as just asking, to change trade.
i figured as much, hope it is as easy as the SGT at the careers office made it seem.

i got a bleeding good report at ASDC, major said i was a perfect example of a good soldier, hope he meant it.
Ah ha! Thats the answer then, all Recce mechs are fat. Don't you fancy being an armourer instead?
I've answered a few questions on armourers before. I used to be one. If you do a search there's a thread on it, and there's course details etc

I'd rather be an armourer than a recce mech, but it's up to you in the end.
I used to be in REME recruiting. Like Smudge says, stick to your guns. They are short of Armourers yes but they are crying out for recruits of all trades so you are still in the driving seat. Once you do the Armourer course it will be very difficult to get out of it
armourer really isn't for me i think, do you reckon they're trying to pull a fast one on me?

i wanna join as a recce mech, hence the joining as a recce mech, bleedin' army, to difficult to make something simple ain't it

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