Someone Help With Phase 1 Medical PLEASE!!!???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kyleavfc, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. can someone shed some light please on what takes place at the Phase 1 Medical?

    i had quite a few problems at ADSC medical but all of them have been cleared...such as Heart Murmur and a bad lung capacity blow out thing

    why are people faIled?
    and what happens within the Medical?

  2. I imagine much the same as your first one, but with a bit more of the old cough and drop scenario.
    Those RAMC guys do like to feel your plumbs for some reason.

    If you got past the first one with the problems you say, then this should be a doddle.
  3. Check out the other threads on this very subject. I prescribe a course of 'Search function' followed by some intensive reading.
  4. yeah i hope so, ive spent so much money for equipment and am so excited i would hate to get all the way up to Harrogate jsut to be MD'd

    why are people MD'd though?
    what are the common reasons?
  5. I also searched for phase one medical, but it didnt turn up much.
  6. If you got through the ADSC medical you should be fine.

    Stop flapping!
  7. yeah i hope so, i havent changed since ADSC in terms of health

    is the medical as in depth though?
    some people said all they do is check your height and weight, take your blood group and then give you vaccinations
  8. No because you've done it all at ADSC.

    Stop flapping!
  9. thanks, i will now
    i keep thinking that everything that can go wrong will go wrong
    you have took a weight off my mind
    thanks you
  10. Until you ask another bone question later about joining up. Take a look at your previous posts, I have never known someone ask such a load of sh!te get a grip of yourself.
  11. you have no idea how much sh1t i have been through to of finally pass selection, what with all the medical issues and that

    so obviously i will be curious as to anything that will reduce the risk of fcuking up basic or the medicals.

    therefore, F*CK OFF YOU CNUT!
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  12. Tough guy. Have you had a shandy or two tonight?
  13. Nurse, Nurse, another internet hard man has escaped from the ward!!!
  14. Money well spent - Not!. At least you can sell it on e bay when you get binned