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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tin Can Man, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. OK, here it is...

    I passed my selection in May with a very high C grade. I am going in AFC Harrogate as a combat medical technician. Anyone here know when I'll most likely be going in? The reason I ask on here is because my recruiter misinformed about a January intake and the AFC Harrogate Facebook page told me they couldn't discuss it. My D.O.B is 12/10/95 if that's any use.
  2. next intake is March/April 2013

    Speak to someone/anyone at your careers office. You'll be in the system somewhere :)
  3. Sorry, so girly and dramatic is the thread title I assumed you were stuck down a well....
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  4. Your too late for JE in March 2013 as over 17:4.....your Recruiter is doing the right thing and waiting on a very slim chance of an OP Rocket if someone doesn't turn up on the 23rd sept for Combat Medic or if places suddenly become available due to lots of reasons....its only a extremely slim chance but one I feel is worth it as you only got a low C grade.....your Recruiter will know more as can see your ADSO report and be able to see if you passed for both Adult and Junior entry....if you didnt pass for Adult entry it will be better as you then will get another chance at going to ADSC again and hopefully better your C grade as to be brutally honest a C grade if extremely unlikely to get you either JE or SE Cmbt Medic.
    As said this is without seeing the TRHJ system on you so as Booti says speak to your Recruiter.
  5. Thanks. By the way, iron i got a high C grade. Nearly a B. Just in case that changes anything!