Someone having a laugh?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. Is someone having a laugh? Twice in one week...


    "A plane on a flight from Luton to Galway has been diverted to Prestwick in Ayrshire after a security alert.
    A spokeswoman for the Dublin-based airline Aer Arann said a note had been found on board by staff shortly after take-off from Luton Airport.

    Staff immediately alerted security services and the aircraft was diverted to Prestwick, near Glasgow.

    The plane, which was escorted by two RAF Tornado fighters, touched down at about 2300 BST (2200 GMT).

    On Wednesday a Ryanair flight from Paris en route to Dublin was also diverted to Prestwick.

    A steward had been passed a note saying there was a bomb on board.

    The plane, which was carrying 167 passengers including 71 children, was escorted to Prestwick by three RAF fighter jets.

    A specialist team from the military bomb disposal unit were called in to search the aircraft, but no device was found."
  2. Not much to laugh about if one of your kids just happenned to be a passenger ?
  3. I'm not saying that.

    The previous incident was a hoax this one may prove to be the same. Hoax or not it's not funny. Someone with a grudge or someone copycatting? Hopefully it is a hoax and won't happen again, it will breed complacency until something real happens
  4. Yesssss... I think he maybe meant that two very similar occurences of very similar and normally out of the ordinary things in a week look like someone's taking the piss, not that it was funny.
  5. Ah, beat me to it it seems.