Someone HAS been busy?

the COs can vouch I've had my nose stuck in fit birds in uniform since the lockdown began
Nose stuck? You're doing it wrong chap...
From link;

Nice touch.
Moses Mob have engineered accidents in the past, literally. Some years ago the gas centrifuges at Irans nuclear facility overspeeded and the instruments did not show this. By the time anyone noticed it was too late and the centrifuges were wrecked. Somebody (no prizes for guessing) had hacked the system, crippled the monitors and then overspeeded the centrifuges.
To quote the words of the sage @ugly - if you're not handsome you can at least be handy.

Actually the real reason I grew a big schnoz is because air is free.

gf is Iranian btw - fierce arguments about politics can be very stimulating for couples.
Have a groan, FOC.

I told you this thread was better... and @loofkar has an Iranian bird too...

I dont think there actually exists an ugly Iranian female.

Loofkar - How the feck did you end up with an Iranian bird?!