Someone has been a naughty boy...

Loose sheep you say boyo? Well lets get going, to hell with the taxi, we'll never catch them and have fun in that.

C'mon Shep, lick the manfat off yer muzzle and do the other thing I feed you for....
Not the same bloke surely:


...or is it just an unlucky name.


Book Reviewer
Well, the 6 months community service he's sure to get will have him mortally afraid of the consequences of offending again...

S'funny, gambling addiction doesn't appear in the ICD 10 as a symptom of PTSD, I wonder why that could be......

I did like the comment about being forced out of the army after being court-martialled on 5 counts of fraud. Sounds very admirable, that.
It has to be the same vile creature.
Despicable creature, clearly a very devious fraudster by specifically concentrating his pitch on the area of lost limbs rather an injured soldiers in general.

You won't even see a legitimate charity who's aim is the purchase of prosthetics for servicemen as its funded by the MoD through life.

£61K is fuck all anyway, it could buy you 1 C leg.

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