someone has a grudge against me- possibly!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Banshee_09, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. A few weeks ago, i started a thread about chav fcukwits and how they had thought it hillarious to put a brick through my girlfriends car window!!

    This morning i get up and lo and behold, 3 windows have been put through on the car! On both occasions no other car near ours has been touched!

    as far as i know, i haven't upset or offended anybody recently!!
    So have i got some wimp of a person, who i have upset without realising it, now taking their revenge on my girlfriends car, or have i just been unlucky twice, and some chav scum has just picked the car at random!

    P.S. big thank you to the police this morning who had me on hold when i dialled 999!! good job i hadn't just witnessed a murder or anything!
  2. Why would you dial 999 for smashed windows?
  3. ... Do you not think that someone might have a grudge against your girlfriend? Considering it's her car?
  4. mainly because i couldn't remember the non emergency number, and at the time i phoned i didn't know whether anything had been taken
  5. i just call it her car as she technically owns it, but we both use it
  6. OK, fair one. But still, if you're both using it, she may have done something to upset someone, and the fact that you too use the car probably doesn't matter to the criminal.

    Just an idea, anyway.
  7. Well, it may be a coincidence but the reason you were on hold might have been becasue they were dealing with other loons who might have forgotton the non emergency number :?:

    Just a thought :D
  8. get some in car cctv, veba make a cheap HDD model that we installed in all the vans in my last company after we installed satnav in all the vans and the went "missing" and ended up on ebay.
  9. yeah i see your point, but no she hasn't had a run in with anyone recently!

    i'm hoping we have just been unlucky twice, as i'd have thought anyone with an ounce of backbone would come and see me and explain that i'd p1ssed them off and that they would like to engage in some sort of fisticuffs with me! (of which i'd be more than happy to oblige)
  10. yes i realise i was a biff for phoning 999, but when your in a blind rage and stamping about on the street like and impotent pr1ck i just couldn't remember the nonemergency number! :D
  11. mmmm interesting, got a link to that product website mate?
  12. Somebody doesn't like you. You need to find out who or this will escalate or become a regular and unpleasent feature of your life.

    Is there a shortage of parking spaces where you live and somebody is trying to imply that you are selfishly parked by trashing your cars?

    How long have you lived at your current address - has some chavmong got a grievance against the previous occupant and thinks he is vandalising their property?

    Two damaged cars and three broken windows in the latest incident is a message not random yobbery. Got a jealous ex, angry colleague, pi$$ed off neighbour....?
  13. been there a few years so i don't think it's anything to do with the previous owners, no jelous ex's about that i know of....... neighbour possibly, we had a bit of a set to a few months back over a wall, but that's all sorted now (hopefuly)

    i might do the cctv thing and catch them at it, although then i have the quandry over my reaction- Law abiding or chav beating??
  14. Funny as feck image there Banshee! Good drills!
  15. cant find the specific unit, I think the ones we bought were about 60 quid trade but this is the main website

    I'll keep looking.