Someone exploded probably, might have been a woman 0-99yrs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by squiffy_parsons, May 14, 2008.

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  1. You'd have thought that the terrorists couldn't sink much lower, then they do.

    Coming a city near you ?
  2. Thats pretty sick. Fecking terrorist scum.
  3. It's their culture it would seem. These terrorists revel in their depravity and it's not as if their mindless, depraved terrorism is going to solve much.
  4. I am I the only one not in the least bit surprised by this?
  5. Sadly, no.

    Hope there is adequate security at tonight's UEFA Cup Final; huge tv's enough to give any Jihadi Wannabe a Chubby. :evil:
  6. No pictures of her.

    Was she fit?
  7. "An eight-year-old girl strapped with explosives has blown up and killed "

    Well of course she did, if she was strapped with explosives you would expect her to blow up.
  8. You ARE sick! 8O
  9. Thank you. :wink:
  10. What was she promised in place of 75 virgins............A trip to McDonalds?
  11. 75 balloons
  12. Let's be honest gents, she'd be loose as a loose thing by eight years old, so no great loss.
  13. After the special-children bombing incident, nothing surprises or shocks me, these people are scum, and should suffer when caught.
  14. From the bits people are finding it is too early to tell.