Someone didnt pass selection

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RMP_boyio, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Hang on...nope, I'm getting negative readings on both the Outrage Radar and the Give A Fcuk O Metre. :wink:

    Just another pathetic Troll looking for a bite. Do not feed. :roll:
  2. and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don't leave 'outraged' comments that lead them straight here!!! Flash and P_G will have an apoplexy!!!
  3. :twisted: knock it on the head ,or him :x
  4. Agreed, don't waste any time on him (?) on here - grip him on Faceache. What a tosser. As for not passing selection: the nancy looks like he couldn't pass water unassisted. Twunt.
  5. He's posting links to his new group all over face book. One example would be on the "Maximum Respect for the British Armed Forces!" Group. He needs to be stopped! I've also send messages to some of his friends when you click on his profile forwarding the link to his new group. I only hope one of them give a toss.
  6. Couldn't have put it better!
  7. Simple, hit the "report" button and leave a valid reason. He gets no publicity, hopefully facebook suspend his account. It's probably pissing in the wind but it might work.
  8. It looks like the right hand side of his face has been smashed in, and re-built.
    Wonder if it was a squaddie? :twisted:
  9. Thats not all you've got on your hands is it, you grubby pornographer! I bet you've got a "tidemark" up past your elbow too. :)
  10. One can only hope..
  11. Good to see a soldier (possibly ex-soldier?) joining his group and giving him a talking to!

    ps It's not me.
  12. He looks like a bit of a pretty boy.

    I suspect it's more likely his advances got rejected by a squaddie than him failing selection.
  13. That picture isn't Benjamin Thomas, it's some actor clicky
  14. Have you seen how many people he has attracted? 4!