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Someone actually bought one of these.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I may not be a huge football fan. The idea of paying exhorbitant amounts of money to go see over-paid fairies kicking things & hugging each other when they score never really appealed to me. That said, I accept that a lot of people enjoy it and are happy to spend money to support their team.

    So was only a matter of time before someone brought me a footy related clock for repair I suppose. Because it wasn't working, the first idea I got of what it was meant to do was from the description in the instructions....


    Got to work, looking forward to experiencing a "pleasant feeling" as the alarm activated to produve a "spectacular view" with beautiful music. The repair was straightforward, set alarm for a minute or so ahead and waited with baited breath.....

    Support your team, wake up to this.....

    Any fans out there, please let me know - is there NO limit to the crap you'll buy if it's got your team logo on it? Only I got an idea, see, for this great little novelty souvenier. Only £24.95 each and will be updated every time the kit changes......
  2. Are you a Horologist Jack?
  3. Yes, but I also work on shyte like that if someone's willing to pay. The customer's always right after all ;)
  4. Fcuking class! :lol:

    It never ceases to amaze me what total cr4p some people will spend their hard earned on.
    Football shirts are a good case in point, forty quid for a shiny shirt that will make you look like a right tw4t; on the other hand it's a good form of natural selection: if you wear one you'll never pull. :twisted: