Somebody please save me

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Fox_In_The_Box, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. I am an INT CORPS Mess Dress and I desperatley need to find a new owner. I'm 10 years old, WO1/Offrs style made by Glovers & Ridings (Aldershot), complete with Jacket, cavalry trousers, waistcoat, buttons, medal loops, Major's crown on each shoulder. I was made to measure for a slim, athletic and handsome RSM of average height (38 chest, 32 waist, 32 inside leg) who then over-achieved and managed to bluff his way to Major. I am in excellent condition (as you would expect from an ex-RSM!). I reckon that round about £100.00 should cover my escape - the jacket alone would cost you over £300.00 new.

    Please save me - make good use of me and keep me in the Corps - if I don't find a new home by 24 July then he'll take me to New Zealand and his kids will use me for fancy dress.
  2. Just PM'd you (I think - Can't yet get used to this new format) Let me know if you haven't got it.
  3. Might I postulate that you are departing for New Zealand because you are being cashiered for mis-claimed officers' clothing allowance?

    Is there any chance you could help out with buttons for the second, off-white Linen blazer Gladys is trying not to own up to ? Eade and Ravenscroft no doubt? Good job I can still squeeze into my eldest's Jack Wills boating jacket.
  4. Got it, and PM'd you.

  5. ... C0ck ...

  6. Pakeman, Catto and Carter, actually.
  7. What a prick

  8. fox, it sounds absolutely ideal - except for the RSM bit, the Major's crowns... oh, and the 32 inch waist!

    (i notice you didn't say anything about height in the description ;) )

  9. 5 foot 8 is average height - anybody shorter than that has magical powers or works in a diamond mine, and anybody taller than that is either on drugs or has a serious growth hormone problem.......and anybody who needs a waist bigger than 32........
  10. I was led to believe by a certain CRSM that 5' 8" was circus freak height.
  11. not for humans. you're thinking of the average height for dwarves who smoke, or something :)
  12. My mess kit helps make up the padding for the dogs' basket!
  13. no seriously it was in the dog's basket, but the wife has given it to a local farmer; he's put it on his scarecrow, it looks very realistic! Wife says it's fitting that it should go from being on one dummy to being on another dummy!
  14. Bloody hell CR, don't tell us that you're chasing this years WO1's list......
  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!