Somebody else to blame?

What's this? Wales is ****ing wet!

When did this happen?

Mongs for not wearing seatbelts, mongs for going too fast in piss poor conditions and a mong of a Mother who can't accept her dead mong is dead because it acted like a mong.

MG Rover ZR. The Manufactures need to be sued for describing that charabanc as a sports car

TWO TEENAGE girls were not wearing their seatbelts when they were involved in a fatal car crash, an inquest has heard.
The inquest at Aberdare Coroners Court heard how the Rover had overtaken one car and then tried to overtake a black mini in front, before appearing to aquaplane on a stream of water on the road and losing control of the car, hitting the Audi.
The three blokes in the audi should sue someone. Just because they can.
It couldn't possibly be because they weren't wearing seat belts, could it? Or a newly qualified driver was not in control of a car she wasn't experienced enough to handle, was it?
Yes and yes.
And also because the drainage system had been neglected causing the road to be flooded.

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