Some WW1 veterans say no to state funeral.

Indeed these old boys have the right to choose. If the last one does not want the fuss, then we should have a national p*ss up in all the messes and Legion clubs and give all the old boys a good send off.


On The Last Tommy thread, it was discussed that the wishes of the guys was paramount and if they don't want it, then we have to respect their wishes, it's probably the thought of Bliar standing there with his false platitudes which make the guys want a quiet family thing! Nice to see that an MP has leapt onto the ARRSE bandwagon!
I understand the desire to pay homage being expressed by IDS and applaud it. I alsow fully understand the desires of the survivors to do their own thing. I can also understand anyone's desire NOT to have Tony Bliar present at their funeral!
I bet they could be persuaded if it was arranged as a viking burial, with Blair, A and Brown, G slaughtered and sent on ahead as offerings to Valhallah.

As I recall we said in the last Tommy thread, it's up to the Last Tommy. If he would prefer a quiet service, that's up to him.

That said, I think his passing should be marked on behalf of all of us for all of them that went before him. Perhaps a general memorial service at Westminster and a wreath-laying at a few battlefields?

A thought occurs. How about an ARRSE trip to the Menin Gate? I'll have a think about this and maybe get a new thread going.
At the end of the day it's their shout, they were there and only they should have a say in how to remember their comrades.

It must be like the government coming to your house and telling you how to commemorate the life of a member of your family.

BTW i've met a few old people from the 'other side' and they, it feels to me, were also used by their country.

So much for it being the 'war to end all wars'

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