Some useful advice Hopefully

Some Advice for people applying to join the Army

1. Remember first impressions count. Dress smartly before going to the careers office. Im not talking trousers and shoes but at least look tidy.

2. Research what you want to do! At least have some idea
ie Engineers/Infantry and so on. We are going to ask for three job choices.

3.If you have criminal convictions,then get your rap sheet (it makes it easier and faster for your recruiter)

4. Start training before you go to the office. Everyone knows we are going to ask you to run 1.5 miles so go for a run and know your time when you first go into the office.

5. Have some idea when your going to get your application forms back to the office, You will be put in for your Barb when you drop them back.
You will need a couple of hours spare, Barb/basic maths/English takes a while.

6. Please remember everytime you go into the office,You are applying for a job,we are not giving them away. Impress Impress Impress.

And finally Be patient there is work going on behind the scenes all the time!!!!!

Hope this helps some people
(Think about what you need to do to make the grade before going through that door )
Even if a letter says you may travel to somewhere on the first day wearing casual civilian clothes, wear the suit. Always have the shirt and tie, it just stands out better.

Unless as with selection where it actually states (glencorse anyway) you "MUST" arrive wearing tracksuit bottoms, its always best to go looking your best. I think this applies with anything to do with job hunting, be it Army or a Civilian employer.
Thanks - MODs - could this be made a sticky?

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