Some thinspiration

Bashing fatties is a bit of a hobby of mine, or rather a quest. Though I favour the fit some people just take things a bit too far. This morning I came across this:

Miss Namouska was kicked out of the Miss Australia beauty pagent for being too thin. A bit strange since I can't make out whether it's a 'he' or a 'she'. Is a 'he' (pre- or post-op) allowed to compete in a Miss competition? Surely it should have been booted for having a face like a guy?

It claims to be Macedonian and therefor blessed with a BMI of 15.1. I doubt that claim because it seems to have all its own teeth and no facial hair. Though judging by her blokish face it could have some sort of Macedonian heritage.

It furthermore claims it is not anorexic at all. On the contrary. Like all anorexics in denial it enjoys food, is always stuffing itself and complaining it doesn't fatten up. May be it should stop thinking about food and start eating it. Allegedly it eats eight meals a day though it doesn't specify the contents of these meals. Meals thus can vary from eight peas or eight grapes to eight laxating pills a day.

But, the important question of course is: would you? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what the sensation of crushing someones pelvis feels like? The sound of the bones breaking under your weight. The caving in of the ribcage after rib after rib give up resisting to the pressure. And the big horsy head looking even more out of proportion than it did before. So, would you literally crash bang this fraile creature?
Why would you want to crush a pelvis if your willy was inside it? surely that would make for some pretty horrific injuries to yourself? Not to mention, the risk of getting stuck inside "it" and having to be surgically removed would be greatly increased. All in all probably not a good idea.
Nah, I'm pretty sure when you enter it hard enough you'll ram right through somewhere at the back causing another hole. Thus diminishing the chance of creating a vacuum. The risk of the bone splinters moving around inside still stands though. Good point. That's why we should discuss things like this first. There's always something you haven't thought about properly.
Would you.... with a Miss Australia contestant?

What a stupid question. You would have to fight the mobs of ARRSErs with a sh!ttie stick.
Of course I'd do her Stan, I'm surprised you felt the need to ask.
Alive or dead?

I'm not fussy, you understand. Just want to know the lie of the land.
I'd give her a few years until her Balkan heritage kicks in and she turns from that to a Demi Roussos look-a-like (by the age of 32 ish if my Balkan experience is anything to go by). Then I'd kick her flabby back doors in and enjoy a good A2M gumming (they all lose their teeth in late 20s).

I would celebrate my triumph with a can of Fosters and by throwing a "shimp on the Barbie".
Stanley, what a cnut, she is gorgeous!

I can picture myself holding her in one hand using her as an organic wnaking machine.

Would I, would I fecking ever, over and over gain until the poor old heart gave out.

...............or maybe just slip her on like a liver sock and use her as a condom to fcuk a fat bird!!
Ord Sgt that Sig of your's is the reason I never get any work done.

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