Some things never change in phase 1 (Basic Trg in old money)

Discussion in 'REME' started by The_Mighty, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Delighted to watch my boy pass out of basic recently and carry on a bit of a family tradition in the fine Corps..... Only disappointing thing was to hear that training staff still conduct blatant theft from the form of 'Oi get me two coffees from the naafi'... or 'get me a sandwich'. Obviously no reimbursement was given.

    I warned my boy of all of this shenanigans, 'it won't be easy'... and nor should it be, and like any good 'scared' recruit he got on with we all did! But when they are told exactly what 'gifts' they will provide for the Pl Sgt... i think the staff are really taking the P**s.

    I really thought we had moved on from those dark days....but clearly not! Anyway i do hope the individual enjoys his £170.00 boots, kindly donated to him from my son and others!

    Perks of the job eh!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Those days really should be long gone. But when an individual holds such power over impressionable young lads, there's bound to be a few that take the proverbial. I can't think of a way round it without diluting the intensely disciplinarian way in which training is conducted. We can't have a culture where recruits start challenging orders they don't like any more than we can limit the power NCOs exert over recruits.

    Difficult one.
  3. Its not difficult at all, its called Moral integrity the fault lays clearly at the feet of the SNCO's who should no better. i bet they were complaining when our MP's were helping themselves. it is and never has been ok to abuse the status you have been given
  4. QR's. Simples.
  5. 2 coffees from the NAAFI often called for a dick dipping. Sarnies was often an arsewipe. The trg staff never learned.
  6. Name and shame him. Once everyone knows who he is he won't feel like being a tw*t again. Just cos it has always happened doesn't make it right. Sometimes i'm glad they did away with RD and other times i'm not so sure.
  8. It makes my ******* piss fizz! They should get **** all! They get posted in as Phase 1 instructors because they're supposed to be the best at what they do? The ******* reward should be seeing all your hard work march off the square in quick time with a ******* bayonet fixed, ready to feed the bastard mincer! NOT, 'GREAT ANOTHER BUNCH OF LOW PAID CROWS TO MOOCH OFF, WHAT SHALL I HAVE OFF THIS LOT? BOOTS, TRACER WATCH OR A ******* NEW GUCCI SMOCK' ******* LIBERTY TAKERS!!!!!!!!! ISN'T THAT AGAINST ******* REGS? GRASS THE *****!!!!

    When i was in training, one of the cadre got kicked out, for 'borrowing' money off the toms and never paying it back. Fair do, he did rack up to about 5 grand throughout the intake
  9. Please tell me that this wasn't at Pirbright?
    The trg staff here are nit even allowed to accept a sweet from a pack, or get the rct's to get them a brew from the NAAFi.
    And if the hierarchy here found out about the boots thing- sacked
  10. It's against all ITG regs and procedures as laid out in the ITG Leaders Pocket book...

    "Para 60 'Prohibited Practices'

    a. Accepting gifts....PS are forbidden to accept gifts of any form or value from SuT for themselves or for others, to include charitable organisations"
  11. LOL.A little off thread but I used to be amazed at the trust the RPs and RMP patrol used to put in the prisoners to make them a brew each and every night on the numerous accessions I found myself in "hotel 10".If only they knew!
  12. I used to roll my own but I always kept a few "fags for the cpl" taylor made type. The butts were aptly named because they had been shoved up my hoop.
  13. 1984, the only thing we were encouraged to leave the troop was more brass to clean, it was like Aladdins cave when I got there, approximately £200 quids worth of brass plaque, sheilds and tankards were added by my lot.

    Telling recruits to chip in for new boots is obscene.

    Shame on the staff.
  14. this wasnt afc harrogate was it nearly ten years back?
  15. I remember a particulair full screw from our training plt at harrogate getting thrown out for that reason. Happens that he was borrowing money from some of the lads in our platoon for about 6months the cnut. He was about 22 but at the time to us mere 16 year olds he was like god. Why i dont mention the cnuts name on this thread i dont know. If this sounds familiar to you we may know each other, pm me if so