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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by welsh_lad14, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Hey

    How long does a transfer take in the TA i signed my name on the sheet about 2 weeks ago and the regiment im transferring to havnt heard anything.

    As a TA soldier will i be able to do a full tour on Op Herrick? also will i be on the frontline?

    What do you do on Catterick phase 2?

    What do you think i will have to do to become a trained soldier in the infantry, i done my phase 2 all arms so will i go straight to catterick or do a few weekends then go on to do Catterick?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Good old asking operational information on the internet. Fail.
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  4. Nice attitude. Definitely demonstrate more of this during the remainder of your training.

    Did you not think to ask these questions when you started the transfer? Have you tried ringing the unit you're transfering into?
  5. Hardly operational, you looney!! :)

    The transfer process can be a long one, it all depends on how cooperative the unit you are leaving is!

    I had 3 guys in the same boat as you that were seduced into going infantry (who can blame them, I loved it when I was 18) and their paperwork took almost 4 months. We are legendary when it comes to paperwork c*ckups and lethargy in looking after junior soldiers needs. So I would give it another week and then phone your PSAO and have a chat.

    I'm going to be transfering from the no hopers soon and will be chuffed if the process goes through in 6 months!

    As and when you get to a point that your unit are happy to deploy you, they'll send you wherever they have been asked to send you. Could be anywhere. One of my Oppo's didn't get outside the UK because he had skills they wanted here... yes it amazed me too!! so don't hold your breath for a front liner!

    The Catterick phase 2 is the equivelent to a trade course. In whatever unit you are in now, you are eligable to go on your class three technical bean counter course. This course will qualify you as a class three infantryman. So it's going to be physical, mental and a whole lot of fun, be prepared for a ragging! :D
    My advice is to do as many weekends with this new lot as possible before going, you'll learn heaps of stuff the corps people will not have taught you!

    good luck
  6. Thanks for the info, i can't wait for everything to start picking up especially after phase 2.

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  10. I don't think he need worry about dates for CATAC.
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