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These three are outgoing long-serving Special Constables in the Metropolitan Police pictured on Remembrance Sunday on Horse Guards Parade. Obviously they all have the Jubilee gongs and the Special Constabulary Long Service Medals, two also have the civil MBE/OBE (can't tell if the second from left is gold or silver in colour).

What I'm interested is in identifying the gongs on the lady on the far left's right side: I'm having a bit of a trouble identifying (presumably a relatives) medals. I was thinking:


MC (but wouldn't come after a BEM would it? But I can't think of any other "round" medal that would come before a "cross-shaped" medal) or possibly a Order of the League of Mercy medal - but I thought they stopped in 1945(?)

Polar Medal(?)

But that is a very very odd combination....any ideas?

(The original conversation around this can be seen here: Saying Goodbye - Metropolitan Police (London) - Forum)
Hmm, not sure why - can you see them in the thread that I linked to?
I reckon the furthest one is a Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal.

The others I cannot see clearly enough for a clear answer. However, I suggest that commemoratives is the likely answer.


It looks like her old man was a firefighter...

The first being the civilian version of the BEM (no central stripe) and the second being the General Service Cross.

The third is puzzling me however. I don't think it's the Polar Medal as that is shaped like an octagon, and it looks circular in the picture.


The "General Service Cross" is a walt medal isn't it? Surely that wouldn't be worn on a uniform?!?
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