Some splendid mugshots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dusty_jacket, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. It is a crazy hairdo they seem to like.
  2. There are some great 'before' and 'after' mugshots of crystal meth users here.
  3. yes live and let live,,,, motr importantly my av pic does not show why? who do i contact?
  4. Another group who can't grow a proper fucking beard either.
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  5. ok my av pic shows in the profile but not in here,,,, who or what should i do/contact?

    edit: okm that was long and involved...ah well still I figured it out for my self.... I think
  6. They try to fool the women that if they resemble Rasputin they'll have a willy like a sea cucumber too.

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  7. Maybe the men too;
  8. I see that even though an orange warning triangle is the work of the devil - a blue plastic lunch cooler is perfectly acceptable. Typical hypocritical religious zealot loonies.
  9. Is it just me, or does the girl in photos 5 look more fuckable AFTER being on Meth? I think I'd have a jump on it, I like the roughed up hair look anyway.
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  10. I thought it was an audition for a ZZ Top tribute band!!
  11. Arrested for being intoxicated on solvent...... all he could get was a spray can of gold paint.

  12. He should run for potus.
  13. Goddamn preverts, I thought the terrorist chin beard had been outlawed under the Patriot Act?