Some splendid mugshots

yes live and let live,,,, motr importantly my av pic does not show why? who do i contact?
ok my av pic shows in the profile but not in here,,,, who or what should i do/contact?

edit: okm that was long and involved...ah well still I figured it out for my self.... I think
They try to fool the women that if they resemble Rasputin they'll have a willy like a sea cucumber too.


I see that even though an orange warning triangle is the work of the devil - a blue plastic lunch cooler is perfectly acceptable. Typical hypocritical religious zealot loonies.
What can possibly be wrong with the colour orange? It's the colour of winners! ;-)
Again whilst browsing the Daily wail, I came across these interesting mugshots of gentle Amish folk who had not displayed the relevant warning triangle on the back of their horse drawn carts.

Nine Amish men going to jail rather than display orange safety triangles in their buggies | Mail Online

I know the Amish are a peaceful mostly law abiding people who live as their ancestors did years ago, but surely a trip to the barber every so often would not go amiss.
Is that Richard Hammond bottom row, 2nd from the left?

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