Some smashing audio you may find of interest

Whilst mucking through my vinyl LP collection, I stumbled upon this jewel. Circa 1958, it is a collection of martial music from your beloved Black Watch-Royal Highland Regiment.

Not sure of its origins, but I believe I inherited it from a family friend who was stationed in the UK with the CIA, FBI, US Army, etc....

Anyhoo, I'll give it a listen, clean it up, and tranfer it to CD. If any of you lot would be interested in having a free copy, perhaps we can figure out something.

OK...I've given it a go and cleaned it up the best I could. Doesn't sound too bad, considering the recording is almost 50 years skips, and a few pops and crackles I couldn't eliminate, but listenable and interesting.

Track listing:

Side One

The Thin Red Line
Fighting With The 7th Fusiliers
General Salute
Les Hugenots
The Contemptibles
All The Blue Bonnets Are Over The Border
The Queen’s Salute
Miss Kirkwood
Skye Boat Song

Side Two

My Home
War March Of The Men Of Glamorgan
The Lancashire Witches Glendaural Highlanders
General Salute
The New Colonial March
God Save The Queen
The British Grenadiers
Farewell To The Greens
Wot..nae Highland Laddie...?
No Bonnie Dundee or Johnnie Cope either.
"scotland the brave" or "flower of scotland "

glaring in their omission..

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