Some schools institutionally racist

Are schools racist?

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Is it because black kids commit more expulsion worthy offences or is that the schools are institutionally racist?

Black pupils are still being expelled from schools at three times the rate of other children and some schools have become "institutionally racist", a Government funded report claimed yesterday.

Calling for teachers to co-operate with black parents to reduce expulsion rates, the researchers revealed that a "significant minority" of schools in England do not observe race-relations laws.

The and teachers' unions described the findings of a two-year study by academics at Canterbury Christ Church University College as "worrying".

The Government took comfort in findings that progress was being made to counter the high rates of expulsion and suspensions among black children.

The findings came soon after Trevor Phillips, head of the CRE, caused an uproar among educationalists and race-relations experts by suggesting that black boys, about the worst-performing identifiable group in Britain's schools, should be taught separately. His remarks were linked to Government figures, published last month, showing an obstinate gap between standards achieved at GCSE by black teenagers and those of their white and Asian peers.

Prof Carl Parsons, one of the new report's authors, said the problem lay not with individual racists but in policies that resulted in discrimination, almost always unwittingly, but he added: "Some argue that this is the new racism.

"It's not about skinheads on the street shouting nasty names."

The research, conducted for the , found that black Caribbean pupils were more than three times as likely to be expelled as white pupils. Pupils from other black backgrounds were 2.7 times as likely to be thrown out of school as other children. The researchers claimed that nearly one in 10 secondary schools did not understand its obligations under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act of 2000.

"It is concluded that, where schools were not implementing the duties of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act, the disproportionalities in exclusions by ethnic group should be considered institutionally racist outcomes," the report says.

But the gap in exclusion rates between ethnic groups had narrowed "considerably" in the past six years.

A spokesman for the CRE said: "These findings are a cause for concern."

John Dunford, general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association, said: "If this does exist, it is in a small minority of schools."

A spokesman for the DfES said the report "makes clear that rapid progress is being made."
Racist schools
The Government took comfort in findings that progress was being made to counter the high rates of expulsion and suspensions among black children.
Errr, rather than kicking up about the kids being expelled, shouldn't someone ask why they are being expelled? Schools don't kick out good kids.
Awol said:
The Government took comfort in findings that progress was being made to counter the high rates of expulsion and suspensions among black children.
Errr, rather than kicking up about the kids being expelled, shouldn't someone ask why they are being expelled? Schools don't kick out good kids.
Hence why i wanted to know what the members on here thought.

I see this as part of the blame 'someone else' culture. Instead of looking at why more black kids are being expelled, they prefer to look to society to blame. Unruly pupils should be dealt with regardless of who they are.
Where I was at school the "expelled" gang were 100% not black. White and HK Chinese exclusively.
Are we not heading down a background and psychological breakdown of the family and the effects on the child's upbringing here?
The only other alternative is that the black kids are not good at hiding whatever they've done or the white kids are spotless.
Well it looks like the majority who voted think that it is down to the actions of the individual pupil rather than a case of the schools being racist.

Can anyone honestly see a teacher expelling a black pupil for an offence and letting a white kid get away with it?

This site, which could never claim to be PC, has never as far as I'm aware complained about crimes committed by ethnic minorities. However there are numerous threads whinging about the propensity of "chavs", who are generally white.

Surely the proof is in the pudding. Noone cares about colour, it's all about crime.
Good thread. Couldn't agree more with the comments here although I wouldn't say it never happens. It justs that Mr Phillips has blown the whole issue out of proportion - perhaps maybe giving the issue a little 'negative light' than before.

Judging on from what I can see, explusion tends to breed where there's a lack of parental control or care for the child and/or the social peer group they tend to hang around in regardless of colour.
Me personally have had enough of all the Racist cr*p for the white guy all we do is get called racist for just about anything we say even if your not racist easiest card they can play!
Copper stops a black guy in the street he automatically racist..Had enough
Maybe when Black music aimed at teens stops glorifying guns, drugs and attitude , things may change?

Then again, I can't see a mainstream rapper including lyrics like 'Respect your parents and authority,stay out of trouble, work hard , be all you can be'

After all, it doesn't sell records does it.
Biscuits_AB said:
Totally agree. 'Smack your bitch up' They don't write 'em like that anymore.
shame that wasnt a black rapper, and instead was a white trolley face! :twisted:
I'm just sick of watching Black kids running around in gangsta clothing , trying to be 'Bad'. Black people in this country are becoming increasingly marginalized , and these t wats are part of the reason.

They may think they look hard and cool, but they're just pissing their lives away. Around here, they're getting involved in drugdealing for Somalian, Pakistani and Albanian gangs.

Trevor Phillips over reacts , but there does need to be segregation . We need to segregate the sh*t that can't or won't adjust , and keep them away from the Black kids that want to succeed.


I seem to recall that when rap first began to edge into the mainstream, quite a lot of it had a positive message - specifically anti-drugs and anti-'gangsta' - but this was soon subverted by goons who didn't spot the intelligence and irony that rappers like Tupac were bringing to the party, and thought there was something clever about guns, bitches and cop-killing.
If you are white and think of yourself as having lived here for generations, do not underestimate the alienation that can be felt by members of visible minorities. Yes, I know, when we are cr*pped on, we just get on with it and have a moan. So do most people, but not all. That doesn't make them bad people.

The definition of 'indirect discrimination' has been extended recently, and quite right too. It's all in the interests of giving everybody a fair crack of the whip. And it is very easy to be institutionally racist without realising it. I remember a Mess Sec concerned about standards of dress who drafted a notice for the Mess tennis courts - "Whites only on these courts". It was only when I pointed out that the Commonwealth students might get the wrong message that he realised what he had written.
One thing you have to keep in mind is the recent explosion of 'Youth Culture'.
YC Is quite a new phenomena and has been brought about by longer education spans and fewer school leavers entering employment at age 16.
Once when the vast majority of school leavers entered adult employment\apprentiships they immedietly left the childhood world end enterd the adult, with all of its unwritten rules and standards of behavior. Now there is Youth Culture, a bridge between the origional two.
Just like the other cultures it has its peer groups, its heroes and its expectations. Unfortuanely just like the members of the group it reflects the immaturity and selfishness of its members in its heroes. Rappers, footballers and generally anyone who has all of the things a teenagers aspires to i.e. money, women and being able to make up their own rules without any of the values or rules of the adult culture. It is for this reason that many problems are being created.
15 Years ago if you asked a 16 year old school leaver what he wanted he would proberbly say 'A job which pays alot', now he's more likely to say 'Money and women' with no emphesis on how to acheive these by his (or her) own labour.
The whole concept of 'institutional racism is a complete joke. I don't believe that there is any organisation in the UK (aside from groups such as the BNP, NF and Combat 18 ) that deliberately foster racist attitudes. IMO almost every organistaion is acting to prevent such attitudes. I have observed how much the attitudes in the UK have changed over the last 30+ years.

When we see a statistic that suggests black males are more likely to be suspended from school it does not necessarily mean that the CAUSE is due to racism. Is it not equally likely that there is a 'victim' culture, where to try to push and improve yourself is not seem as 'conforming to the group' I've seem similar attitudes expressed by two of my kids and it's taken alot of explanation and persuasion to make them see that such an attitude only harms themselves.

It's too easy to blame the establishment rather than looking at all of the potential causes.


What gets on my tits is when white kids try to be black.

Comments like 'Are you disrespecting me?' Disrefuckingspecting? WHo the **** you think you are you little c&nt?

Why can't black people say 'He asked me' intead of 'He axed me'? I keep looking for the scar on thier swede.

My kids were watching TV the other day and some little sh*te on the box told the presenter that he was 'grossing her out'. Why are they determined to be American? Why do the little c^nts speak like that?

Why does black youth see itself as something special? Why do White folks agree?

Why do these people try to out PC each other?

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