Some schools institutionally racist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Yes, they fail the young black kids

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  2. No, it just black kids commit more punishable offences

  3. Not sure

  1. Is it because black kids commit more expulsion worthy offences or is that the schools are institutionally racist?

    Racist schools
  2. Errr, rather than kicking up about the kids being expelled, shouldn't someone ask why they are being expelled? Schools don't kick out good kids.
  3. And its all Whitey's fault.........again.
  4. Hence why i wanted to know what the members on here thought.

    I see this as part of the blame 'someone else' culture. Instead of looking at why more black kids are being expelled, they prefer to look to society to blame. Unruly pupils should be dealt with regardless of who they are.
  5. Where I was at school the "expelled" gang were 100% not black. White and HK Chinese exclusively.
    Are we not heading down a background and psychological breakdown of the family and the effects on the child's upbringing here?
    The only other alternative is that the black kids are not good at hiding whatever they've done or the white kids are spotless.
  6. Well it looks like the majority who voted think that it is down to the actions of the individual pupil rather than a case of the schools being racist.

  7. Can anyone honestly see a teacher expelling a black pupil for an offence and letting a white kid get away with it?

    This site, which could never claim to be PC, has never as far as I'm aware complained about crimes committed by ethnic minorities. However there are numerous threads whinging about the propensity of "chavs", who are generally white.

    Surely the proof is in the pudding. Noone cares about colour, it's all about crime.
  8. My old school was 70% black students so realistically more black pupils would be expelled compared to white or asian.
  9. Good thread. Couldn't agree more with the comments here although I wouldn't say it never happens. It justs that Mr Phillips has blown the whole issue out of proportion - perhaps maybe giving the issue a little 'negative light' than before.

    Judging on from what I can see, explusion tends to breed where there's a lack of parental control or care for the child and/or the social peer group they tend to hang around in regardless of colour.
  10. Me personally have had enough of all the Racist cr*p for the white guy all we do is get called racist for just about anything we say even if your not racist easiest card they can play!
    Copper stops a black guy in the street he automatically racist..Had enough
  11. My school was disciminatory. It discriminated against cheeky b*astards.
  12. Maybe when Black music aimed at teens stops glorifying guns, drugs and attitude , things may change?

    Then again, I can't see a mainstream rapper including lyrics like 'Respect your parents and authority,stay out of trouble, work hard , be all you can be'

    After all, it doesn't sell records does it.
  13. Totally agree. 'Smack your bitch up' They don't write 'em like that anymore.
  14. shame that wasnt a black rapper, and instead was a white trolley face! :twisted:
  15. I'm just sick of watching Black kids running around in gangsta clothing , trying to be 'Bad'. Black people in this country are becoming increasingly marginalized , and these t wats are part of the reason.

    They may think they look hard and cool, but they're just pissing their lives away. Around here, they're getting involved in drugdealing for Somalian, Pakistani and Albanian gangs.

    Trevor Phillips over reacts , but there does need to be segregation . We need to segregate the sh*t that can't or won't adjust , and keep them away from the Black kids that want to succeed.