Some respect for the Libyan Army?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Despite getting pounded to bits by NATO, despite getting a total shoeing by the rebels, despite the world turning against them , they stuck to their task and fought bitterly to defend their leader homes etc.

    Not discounting the likely war crimes, but part of me admires this devotion to duty.

    First Principle of War, etc.
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  2. I hope you were not casting aspersions at someone elses culture there AN. It is frowned upon here ,y`know.
  3. Is it fuck. Everyone knows that arabs are women-stoning, hook nosed cunts with gopping foot admin. Also, all niggers are rapists.
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  4. I guess it helps your motivation if you know that the relatives of the people that you had recently murdered/raped/robbed/etc were just around the corner and a coming for ya...

    SS were the same in Berlin IIRC, anyway, many years ago, you were taught the 'real' first principle of war by defence Pl...never deploy without beer.

    But, yeah, I do get your point, they could have all legged it, somewhere?
  5. FFS get off that fence, man.
  6. Or, they knew what might happen to them if they surrendered or were captured and decided it was better to go out fighting.
  7. Fair one but then again, plenty of them defected
  8. True, if I were a betting man I'd put good money on the ones who stayed "loyal" to the end were the ones with the most to fear from the NTC/Rebels if they were caught or defected. They might also have been the "wrong" tribe and may have simply expected to be treated harshly regardless of what they had or hadn't done during the conflict.
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  9. Good points, CB.
  10. Thought they only raped boys?
  11. That's like asking us to respect the RAF Regiment!
  12. Nah, I've defiantly got more respect for the Libyan Army than the RAF Regt
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  13. If I recall correctly, were not a good proportion of the final defenders of the Reichstag actually French ? Likewise I believe the last radio message out of Stalingrad was from a Hungarian unit ? ( With the useful info that the Russians had broken through and were heading west....)
  14. In his Book, Beevor says that they were French Waffen SS...
  15. Resistance...