some REALLY old medals

Hello all,

I recently inherited my great-grandfather's old medals from World War 1, which having spent the past 50 odd years in storage are rather worse for wear, with rust, ribbons almost disintegrating. Can anyone advise some professional cleaners in the London area? I tried using the search button here, but it was all about more recent medals, and these ones need real care to stop them collapsing on themselves!

Also, they are foreign medals, so would the ribbons be able to be replaced?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered,
I can't help you but it might be worth posting in the militaria forum as someone there might know a specialist restorer.
Some REALLY old medals? REALLY old? My Grandda fought in WWI from beginning to end. My Da fought in WWII from the beginning to beyond (1939 - 1949 - RAOC).

I suppose it depends on what you conceive as "old".

I sometimes mount old medals for people, and I find that Cillit Bang works really well for cleaning the medals, soak them in it for a few minutes, they will come out like new (oh, and use a soft brush to get in all the nooks etc). I'm sure that someone will reply to this saying that Cillit Bang will wreck the medals, but in my experience I have never had any problems at all, and I have used it on quite a few old medals.

Oh and for ribbon try these people ---->

£4.00 ish for a metre of ribbon, they will sell smaller amounts if you email them. They do a mounting service as well.


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Foreign medals? rusting? Not an Iron Cross by any chance ...? In which case one would keep quiet about it I think.
I use K & D Medals in Bromley. They did my own and they also remounted my family's WW1 and WW2 medals.

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