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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HexBlade, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. New to this board so first of all i'd like to introduce myself.

    My name is Darren, i live in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    I recently applied for more information on the TA and a couple of days ago i was contacted by my local regiment to make arrangements for signing up.

    My questions have arisen after reading through most of the topics on this forum and mainly relate to mobilisation.

    Is it true that i can expect to be away from home for up to a year in every three?, and if so would this time be spent on tour all in one chunk or spread out across those three years in say 3 month sets or similar?.

    Being married with 2 kids under 5 is putting a hold on things as my wife is understandably worried i may be away from home for very long periods of time.

    I'm due to fill out my paperwork this coming Tuesday and attend my first training weekend this coming Saturday, so i'd like to get this cloudy area cleared up before i commit myself so i don't end up wasting the recruiting officers time if i'm unable to give 100% commitment.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to help :)
  2. Before this chap gets snowed under with lots of 'advice' could I ask that he only gets serious-ish help?

    He's had the noggin to ask the pertinent questions after all - thanks. :D
  3. Hi,
    As a rule of thumb never sign anything unless you know what you're getting yourself into.

    Once you've taken the Kings shilling......... :wink:
  4. That's why i'm here asking advice from those in the know :)

    I'm not one for signing things without knowing what i'm letting myself in for, the TA really appeals to me but i'd like to have a wife to come back to lol
  5. It'll take you a while till your eligible to be called out, guess not for at least two years. When you are called out it'll be for about 9-10 months with 6 months in an operational theatre.

    Talk it over with ur Mrs, mine says she will support me but with 3 kids 7 and under????.....
  6. Edited to say: Crossed Axes post is great! I've deleted mine :D
  7. I'd suggest that you read this
    It is only three pages long and explain some pretty key stuff. It was published a few weeks ago by the MOD.

    In reply to your particular question about mob periods, the MOD can legally mobilise you for up to a total of one year in any three and it is up to the MOD how it splits that year. However, by the time people are mobilised, have pre-deployment training, do the tour then have some leave, in effect it means that they can do one tour of 7/8/9 months every three years. However, you'll see in the document that the MOD is thinking about changing it to one year in five.

    Hope this helps!
  8. I'll be sure to read that and thanks for all the info so far guys i appreciate it!
  9. A couple of comments...

    1. Make sure you are joining a unit which has a role you have an interest in. Spending a number of months training etc and then bailing out is a waste of yours and the units time. An inf unit offers the more physical skills and training you cannot get anywhere else (apart maybe from areas of Nottingham), whilst RLC / REME / R SIGNALS offer more technical work.

    2. You should not join the TA with the intention of never deploying on ops. Almost all troops currently mobilised are volunteers, and I would suggest you plan to complete an operational tour in your first few years in the TA, but plan ahead and volunteer to do it when it suits you, although if the unit is sending a sub-unit (i.e. a company of 100 men), there will be some pressure to get it fully manned.

    3. There is more pressure to mobilise on the more specialist and technical trades, where there are fewer of them. Rather than me write loads, ask at the TA Centre to be shown a copy of RFA (Reserve Forces Act) 1996, and this shows the maximum that can be asked of a soldier. Someone else might be able to provide a link for it.

    4. IME, many troops aim to complete Phase 1 Training in year 1, Phase 2 Training in year 2, and look for an Op Tour in year 3, 4 or 5. Phase 1 training is essentially similar for all (some differences) but different Arms have different Phase 2 Training (Special to Arm). Ask about the training and the committment required of you at the unit.

    5. Whilst some short tours do exist, an op tour should normally be considered as 6 months in theatre, with a number of weeks build-up training beforehand. You will get a block of leave sometime during the middle third of the tour (not everyone can go on leave at the exact mid-point).

    Hope this helps some.
  10. Fair advice, but interesting/fun/demanding training can mean 6 months of staging on a gate. Even if you go for a technical trade you could end up driving for 6 months. Read the numerous threads on the subject on this site.

    Also being a member of this site can help you, when I got my papers I had a number of contacts offering to help get me position where I'd be more suitable.
  11. I applied for the TA with an interest in joining the IT/Comms section, i already have 3 years previous experience in this field and i'd like to improve on my skills and hopefully add new ones :)
  12. 35 sig regt have a sqn in your area and are likely to be providing blokes for Afghanistan next year.
  13. If my information is correct i'd be joining the 101 Northumbrian regiment royal artillery
  14. Wrong Newcastle, he'd be unlikely to get trained within 2 years with 34 Sigs. Took me 2 years when I transferred in but I went for AS Op(P), driving quals for RS Op (B) is just B+E (car plus trailer) may get you trained quicker but it depends on who much civvie hols your gonna use up. (I've used 1/2 of my hols during the last few years on TA training - 4 weeks this year already)
  15. IT/Comms would be as per my last post 34 Sigs Debden? Gardens. Not sure if the arty means ud be Tyneside Scottish