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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by corbuk, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. What fitness would you say is average of a recruit going to basic training ?

    I run 13-15 miles a week ( 6 mile jog,4.5mile jog , 3mile jog/30 min fartlek,1.5 mile run ), and I'm just wondering if this is enough to get a good start for when I go to basic training

    Also , do you get to use your own trainers in basic , or do they make you all were the same ?

    And would "running" every were help ? Eg , instead of walking to the garrage,gym or were ever ,"run , instead of walking.
  2. I'm going to answer your questions in order, us gym queens get confused easily!

    i) Yes, your running training will be perfect for basic, a nice mix of slow/fast steady/interval training will be very useful, and you should find PT easy(ish) to begin with, as it is progressive.

    ii) The Army issues every recruit with a set of trainers, the last time I checked, they were Silver Shadows. They're not the best running trainers, but they're more than adequate for most people. If you do have problems with your arches, or ankle/back pain, then the Army *should* (not 100% sure on this) issue you with either a set of supporting insoles, or a different type of trainer, much like they do with boots.

    iii) Running very (25m or less) short distances isn't really going to help you. If you were going to the gym however, then yes, it would be beneficial as it would enable your heart to pump oxygen and nutrients around your blood stream, oxygenating the blood. Also it'll raise your core temperate, enabling your muscles to work more efficiently. Also, a nice steady state run back is a great way to cool down.

    Hope this helps!

    -Tango :)
  3. yep it helped alot,just got to keep up the training and try not to get Injured, missed the 6 mile jog last week as got early sign of shin splint...took 4 days of and its fine go on my 3 mile jog ....and I've got a pain in my knee . Great, should be ok now ...must be one of those things.
  4. Corbruk

    That pain you get in your knee does it occur in the side of the knee like mine ?
  5. Yes , on the inside of my left knee
  6. omg i had the same pain and didnt know what it was, i first noticed it after selection and then i left it a month before i ran again and then did 4 miles and the pain came back. So i left it another week and started on 3 miles and built up again gradually and now its ok (Touch wood) lol I think its because i over done it like you may have done ?