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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ray_Of_Johno, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi there, am trying to decide which trade/Corps to select, as i am joining up soon.

    The Careers office have asked me to list them 1 to 3 in order of preference.

    I have a fair idea of which ones i am going to choose and have read through the threads here and looked on the army home page and other sources.

    But had a couple of questions with regards to a soldiers career in the Royal Military Police

    I know that there probably isn't a typical day, but what kind of things do you get upto?

    What are the hours of work like when you are not on exercise, is it shift work?

    What kind of exercises do you go out on and how often?

    What are the opportunities for travel like?

    Any information gratefully received

  2. Firstly your asking about the RMP - expect abuse!

    Secondly the RMP does exactly what it says on the tin. You could expect to spend a considerable amount of time policing a garrison town from a 'duty room' or service police station and you'll be doing shifts.

    Now and again you will go on exercise doing 'Provo Ops', ie planning and implementing routes, staffing traffic and info posts on those routes.

    Oppurtunities for travel are as wide as most of the army, wider in some cases. There are numerous specialist roles you could have a bash at.

    From my own experience I'm glad I joined RMP rather than anything else. I think the fact you get lots of transfers into RMP and very few out tells a story.
  3. Would you be able to tell me what the shift patterns are like?

    Do you go on tours very often? I mean i have seen the RMP in Iraq, do you get the same kind of opportunities as other soldiers in that respect?

    What kinds of places do you go to?

    What kinds of things do you do whilst you are there?

    Sorry for all the questions just trying to get as much information as i can, as it is a fairly huge desicion to be making.
  4. ROJ,

    Just like Civpol, RMP shift patterns vary from place to place dependant on a number of factors (location, unit strength, a commander's preference etc). In this respect I can not give you a definitive answer.

    You get pretty much the same opportunities as other troops with reagrds to tours. The responsibility for undertaking a wee trip to sunny climes rotates through the RMP, just like the rest of HMF, in order to share the load. Iraq and Afghanistan are the most obvious locations for deployments at the moment. Whilst in these places, you may perform a number of different roles or functions; infrastructure policing, support to the local police (trg, external checks, liaison etc), traffic control, cordon and search, snap vehicle check points.....the list is a long one, but you get the idea.

    In order to help you find the right vocation, I would suggest asking the local CIO to get you on a familiarisation visit to the arms/services of your choice.



    P.S. If you want any more help, drop me a PM and I will see what I can do.
  5. The wider oppurtunites I mentioned come from specialising.

    Close Protection (bodyguarding) sees teams sent to far flung places most squaddies don't never go to (nor would want to in a lot of cases). This is not something you walk into on day one, you should expect to have to do at least a couple of years before you get a chance to try for it.

    The SIB (RMP CID) condcut their enquiries around the globe. You can imagine on mulit national ops witnesses soon get posted back home or off somewhere else. SIB investigators often get jollies here there and everywhere simply to take a statement or two. Again not something your newbie Lance Corporal gets up to, but something to aspire to after a few years.

    Lastly, and my experience of this dates back about 7 years now, but RMP in London and Edinburgh used to accompany the PM and Foreign Secretary abroad to conduct office security and safe hand runs. I'm sure someone will put me right if they no longer do, with the amount of numpties who got pi5sed in club class and arrsed up that wouldn't surprise me.
  6. Stroker,

    Spot on mate - FCO jollies are no more. Not because of some pi$$ed up nugget in Club Class but down to an OC who decided the RMP were wasting their time on these pointless trips and should be put to better use. Well we would think that because for those who have served there know LONDIST was so 'kin busy with serious crime it begs belief - damn hard work. Fecks me, I remember mass violence errupting between the duties and 34 Sect over who got jurisdiction in the famous "Knightsbridge NAAFI Cheese Sandwich Blag" of 94. Big job that and quite deservedly went to Branch!

    Seriously, real shame FCO trips stopped. I remember getting jetted off to NS, Canada for ten days and having to do a whole two days work while I was there and all for an extra £70 a day - Real pi$$er that was...........................

    sunray - out

  7. Nova Scotia for the G7 (as it was then) by any chance? Well, well, I was there too.

    On the way out one of the lads, (who was leaving the mob on his return and had already declared his intention to 'av it large) pestered the stewardesses for miniatures, got hat racked, made a complete arrse of himself and got us all relegated from club to cattle class on the way back.

    Luckily for me I had a sudden integrity deficiency, feigned an asthma attack due to all the dirty press smoking like chimneys and heh presto - big comfy chair and seat back TV.

    I also remember we prematurely packed up Ken Clarke's room and he needed to change his shoes for some trip or other. Cut to him and a full screw bobbing around in the baggage wagon looking for his case.
    The conversation went something like:

    Disgruntled full screw to Clarke 'Ringpiece!'
    Clarke 'I beg your pardon?'
    Disgruntled full screw 'I said Ringpiece sir.'
    Clarke 'Oh!'

    I also remember when John Major was checking out he was going around shaking hands with all the hotel staff. There's me lurking around a corner out the way when over he comes, shakes me warmly by the hand and says 'Thanks for making my stay so enjoyable.' Like I was a porter or something. I didn't have the heart to say 'Actually I've been travelling with you all along you dozy, unobservant git.'
  8. Remember it well - didn't the Rt Hon Mr Clarke turn to for the last day of the G7 meeting in a pair of Jeans and get sent packing by the "Grey Man" himself!
  9. I think that's why he ended up scratting around for his bags, he'd taken the words 'casual' a little too far.
  10. Big "Grey Man" came round for a visit while me and Gr*ff (the Penguin) were on nights. He promply handed over 4 cans of lager each saying "have a quiet one".

    Top bloke - still got me signed picture of him on the downstairs Khazi wall!

    We should start an LDPC/170 FCO trips thread - there are sh1tloads of tales. Rememebr the one about the RMP Cpl collecting pubes in matchbox from the Iron Ladie's scratcher (and getting caught doing so by said Iron Lady). Anyone know who that was?
  11. I won a dollar off him playing 'Guess what time we'll have wheels up' on the way home and still have it. I also have a picture of him on my khazi wall, (once again shaking my hand - I think he liked me, but then he isn't made of wood is he) at Sarajevo airport, the signed one is in the loft. The Iron Lady was before my time but I remember speaking to an RMP WRAC called 'big bird' in Berlin who on the way back from the US knicked her table decoration flower arrangement off the plane to give to her nan.