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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by i_am_mike, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Right I have been in two minds abouts regs or TA or RM/RMR. I would prefer full time but I just cant take the risk of going into full time training and getting injured, MD'd and having no income so im thinking of part time. I'll do my best not to offend anyone so please forgive my ignorant civvy POV ;)

    1. How does TA infantry training compare to being trained full time? Same standard and modules? Will i be as professional and skilled as regs? I hear so many things from people in service..

    2. Are there many opportunties for extedned training in different areas and specialities? Such as P-Coy/AACC?

    3. If not. Can i transfer to different units who might be doing that particular training?

    4. Can I transfer from TA to other reserve branches such as RN or RMR?

    5. If im in say, phase 1 of training and I decide I would actually prefer to do it full time can I transfer into full time training or do I have to leave the TA and re-apply for regs?

    6. Tours. Am I only able to do these at the discretion of my employer giving me the time off or do they have to give it to me if I chose to go on tour?

    7. Is all TA INF training the same or will it differ from say, 4Yorks to 4PARA?

    Thank you. I appreciate any replies =)

  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    TA Infantry training is an abbreviated version of Regular CIC. However, recent training requirements mean that TA Infantrymen are to be trained to Regular Grade 1 Inf standard before they can deploy on Ops, which means about a year's worth of training once you've been passed out and posted to your unit. At that point you're at a comparable position to a freshly minted Reg Infantryman.

    Airborne and Commado roled units exist throughout the country in a variety of cap badges.

    Yes, if you're prepared to travel to where ever they may be. Find out where they are and join them from the start as transferring can take time and is a general **** around for all involved.

    Entirely possible, but a complete drama. You might as well just join the one you want from the start.

    You'll have to leave and start again.

    a) You'll be obliged to notify your employer that you are a member of the Reserve Forces
    b) If your employer is unhappy with you deploying then he/she can appeal your call out and is instructed on how to do so by the MoD. Anecdotal evidence suggests that employer appeals aren't really challenged by the MoD.

    The Training syllabus is the same for all Infantry battalions, however 4 Para carry out their own Phase 1 training in-house rather than centrally at a Recruit Training Centre because of their extra physical fitness requirements as they will attend P-Coy after CIC.

    Good luck!
  3. In regards to RP578's first point, I got told by the OC you have to qualify for 2 bountys before you can volunteer to deploy. But that might only be for TA inf
  4. thank you RP578, Coxy93
  5. Another thing to consider at the moment is that the regular Army is full so transfering may not be possible.

    One of our guys deployed only a few weeks after finishing his recruit training (not inf though).

    If you don't tell your employer you are a member of the TA then your unit will! Most contracts of employment will say that you need your employers permission before you take a part time job (which is how they see the TA). If you join the TA without their permission you could be seen to be in breech of your contract and could be sacked.

    Mobilisations at the moment are mostly voluntary, that is you volunteer to be complusorally (sp?) mobilised! What this means is that you can't really tell your employer that you have been called up and have no option but to go. You volunteered so again, you could be sacked if your employer was clued up or perhaps were to read this forum!
  6. It's not that i want to fool or lie to my employer. I've actually already mentioned it to them I would just like to tour at some point thats all. Thanks for the information though!
  7. Not sure this is the case with TA. I recently passed through from recruit troop and have been accepted for a deployment.
  8. Maybe its just a thing with my coy then. But my oc and the psao from another company told me it was 2 years/ 2 bounties so that you gained enough experience and you were mature enough? Ill ask again when im next in. Maybe it is just a local rule but some others said that there can be exceptions if you have an intervier with you oc
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    ryano, I'm guessing by the use of the words 'Recruit Troop' you are in a support arm? The two bounty guide is used by Infantry units as Infantryman who are now deploying with a Regular battalion to Afghanistan need to be Grade 1 Infantryman standard, which in the TA requires at least a year's worth of training post-CIC.

    I'm still surprised that you've been accepted for mobilisation if you've just got through Recruit Troop. I thought Support Services had to be trade trained first?
  10. I spoke to someone at my local office and he informed me that if i do TA, pass out etc etc etc and wanted to go reg i would have to restart from scratch so i see no point in joining 4 Para, doing p-coy only to have to do it again so im just gonna go regs.

    Cheers for the info!
  11. If you go RMR it's pretty straight forward. Selection, training, completion of reserve forces commando course, there is then some further consolidation after winning your lid then dependant on where you are its a given that you get to undertake a specialist qualification at some point, probably not dissimilar to TA infantry.

    I am not speaking from experience not being RMR but plenty I served with in the regular Royal Marines have gone that route, in fact the RMR is heavily manned by ex regs from across the board so in my limited dealings with them there is still a heavy esprit de corps which is evidenced by the amount of guys that slot easily into spaces on deployment and perform as required. If its wings you want then other than going SB (r) you'll have a job, it isnt even a given that recce operators load onto a course now.

    The process takes up to and beyond a year if successful bar injury or other issue to complete and every time the Corps deploy or individual units exercise overseas there are always rubber daggers dotted about.

    Seems like a touch and once my spaghetti like list of commitments lessen ill be doing it myself.

    (also dependant on your intentions it wouldnt be unheard of for you to serve in a regular sense by way of attachment or neccesity)
  12. Do you know if the 2 bounty rule also counts for deploying with a TA composite company?
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The only people who can answer that question are the unit responsible for the formation of the composite company.

    The requirement before deployment is to meet certain key training objectives (DIE or similar), and achieve the required standards of shooting, fitness and fieldcraft during MST. It is about capability, not time or bounties. Anyone imposing those type of constraints is doing so at a unit level, and therefore you must ask at the unit.
  14. Thanks Juan. Still thinking about RMR.