Some questions i have

Hi guys just registered today and i have a few questions....

So i'm a 21 year old man, I have been caring for a family member ever since i turned 16, I don't have any job experience and never had a job in my life which is quite depressing tbh. I really want a career in the army.

I don't want to go down to the recruitment office and pretty much tell them i haven't done anything with my life as of yet, I know i have my reasons yes, Even searching for a job the last few months has been quite demoralising to say the least. My CV is pretty much my name and address and its embarassing. I just don't know what to do.... I would rather join the army than have some job in a factory. I didn't seek any help e.g. I didnt claim any carers benefits as my normal benefits pretty much covered what i needed. I know i would need to gain a bit of weight to join the army in the first place. I just dont want to make a fool of myself by telling the recruitment officer i have never had a job in my life!

I want to join the British Army so much, and have done for the last few years. Now im free to do whatever i wish I would really like to make something of my life, something i could be proud of, something i done and can look back with no regrets and say atleast i done it....

Do i have a chance? I just want a few opinions before i go down to the recruitment office.

Thanks for reading


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You've as much chance as the next man.
They've seen it all before and people from all walks of life.
Plenty have a blank C.V.
Go in and explain you're a full time carer and have a chat with them.
Just go and sign on no one cares about your past as long as it isnt criminal
You haven't got a blank CV. You've been a full time carer, and that's an honourable, worthy position to hold. It's certainly better than some people, who flit from one weasly job to the next. So fair play to you.

With regards to joining up. As has been said, you've got as much chance as anyone else.

Get 'yer Harris down to the ACIO and good luck.
thanks for the replys guys gives me hope!!, I have 1 more question, I had an accident when i was 16 and had to get my thumb operated on. It's fully functional and i didnt require any sort of physio or anything for it. This has worried me slighty.
Hi guys, i've a question ! The other day i had a bit of an accident at work, to put a long story short, i fell over and banged my head, i got up fine and wanted to carry on working but work said they have to send me to A + E to cover there ass's. So the doc looked at my head ran me through some tests no problem and medically cleared me. Im just wondering should i ring my Staff Sargent up and explain or just leave it ? Im only worried because its a new thing on my medical record when im due to start catterick on the 5th of feb !

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