some questions before i join

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jazz_01, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. hey all, before i join the TA id like some questions answered if thats possible.

    - im studying for an accounting degree but i wish to apply for a infantryman/combat role in the TA as a soldier rank, i know i would be way overqualified but this is what i wish to do, would they purposly refuse me this job role and stick me in some other job out of the 3 job choices i choose? would they say i have to join up as an officer?

    -im indian and a sikh but dont have a beard or turban, be honest, would i get treated differently because of this? honestly how many indians or sikhs are there in the TA? are they happy from what you know?

    - because of my degree i wont be able to go on any operational tour till ive finished which would probably be about 2-3 years after i join, would this be a problem?

    - are there any operations or training ongoing in india that i could volunteer for? it would be great for me to experience military life of both the UK and my origins.

  2. You just pick the nearest unit you want to join, and turn up, if you want to be an ordinary soldier that should be fine.

    Your background should not be a problem, the official line is sometimes different to reality however.

    If you can integrate and don't play the race card if you may get disciplined (fairly) you should have no problems.
    Can't tell you how many are in the TA, as I only see what is around me, it will be a very small minority, especially if you are not somewhere like London.

    Don't worry about the tour, normally students get dispensation as their studying is more important, concentrate on your basic training and build your skills up.

    Do not think there is anything ongoing in India, the army are always looking for language specialists, there may be unrest in asia for a long time yet.
  3. You won't be over qualified - You'll just have irrelevant qualifications :D

    Indian Sikh - Don't worry about it; we aren't too fussy where someone is from - we even have ginger haired and Welsh soldiers now.

    2 -3 years to finish your degree - Don't worry, I'm sure we'll have somewhere to deploy once you've finished.
  4. My platoon serjeant is asian, and it has never stopped him doing well. I can only speak for my unit, but its only your soldiering skills that matter, being lazy will make you stand out, mucking in with everyone and having a laugh will see you through anything!

    Being a student and in the TA worked for me, with no pressure put on me to deploy whilst studying, that should remain a priority for you. With the new rules on deploying TA soldiers, it may well take 2-3years to get you ready to deploy anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    (I'm short and welsh and have had more than my share of abuse thrown at me!)
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If you phoned up your nearest TA Unit, sent an email to a recruiter via the Army website or just rocked up at an open day I am sure any of your questions would be satisfactorily answered.
  6. i have some further questions, please help if you guys can:

    -lets say i have the initial interviews done, were do i go from there? this is what i believe to be the recruitment process so can you put any input on it?

    1- weekend ADSC (is the regular and the TA exactly the same? because ive been looking at videos on youtube and cant find any TA ones)

    2- decision from interview from the ADSC by the officer

    3- phase 1 in a few months time over 9 weekends

    4- 2 week training which includes your trade?

    is that correct?
  7. ^ corrrect for Infantry, the two weeks Trade Course is the Combat Infantry Course.

    Gentlemen of the Khalsa are always welcome, you've provided some fierce warriors in the past.
  8. I went on a regular ADSC due to my shifts so exactley the same, was told in my interview that he had no problems putting me forward for the unit I wanted and sent my report the same day.