Some questions about army medical and special observer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by LoZz, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Hey, i am 19 years old and currently going threw the army joining process, and its taking ages!!! i am currently having to do a pre-joining medical because i failed my RAF medical.

    I failed my RAF medical due to colour blindness, i have checked this over with my AFCO and its ok, i can still do the job i want to do in the army.

    however, they have now come back on my medical and want to know more information about 3 things on my medical history. 2 of them are pass injuries all of them 2+ years ago. 1 of them is asperger's syndrome. now i checked the medical sticky at the top and it didnt really give me a real answer. i was never fully diagnosed it was just noted i "showed signs of" asperger's. this was still enough to get me a "helper" in school mind you.

    i have also never been given the "all clear" if you like, but i know it hasnt effected me past the age of 13. because then school said i didnt need the help and it was stoped. i was never as far as i remember retested for it, and apart from taking ritalin when i was 6, ive had no treatment.

    i am really worried i will fail on this. i know this may sound stupid but all i want to do is serve. not my whole life but i wanna do my bit you know. i spent ages trying to get into the RAF fire service, the the only reason i spent money on learning to drive, failing on the medical was gutting. and if i fail on this medical it will be the worst.

    so can anyone give me a clear picture on the armies policy to this? i know out of sheer stupidity i will carry on regardless of what anyone here says, but it will be easyer to have an idea in advance.

    on a more positive note, i want to become a special observer. i have always been a beliver in doing your homework and "look before you leap". from what i have learnt this wasnt always a trade that was open to direct entry from civvy street. my question is what exactly is done on this 18 week selection course? what are the final tests? my AFCO says you just carry some officers radio around, which is hardly detailed. i have looked everywhere, asked people i know and i have found nothing. all they have said is its challenge, which is what i want, but i like to know whats coming so i can prepare best for it.

    edit: i did do a search on the medical stuff on this forum before posting. couldnt find anything

    edit2: i have done my BARB and got 65 :/

  2. I have no idea about your medical, so i aint even commenting on that.

    You will not make it as a special observer as you have not done your homework and also have not even searched for special observer.

    I am also going for special observer and know exactly what it is all about and know exactly what i do on the 16 week course NOT 18.

    Search this site, and also search google you will find it at the top. Do you even know what part of the army special observers are in? Look at them.
  3. as previously stated, use the search facility - somewhere on one of the colourblindness threads I have posted a list of jobs colourblind people can't apply for.
    I'm far too lazy to do your 'homework' for you though so get searching
  4. asperger's syndrome? is that the weird anti-social pschological disorder?
    I was under the impression that asperger's syndrome was when a person could not fit in with society-I could be mistaken.

    If the above is true then its very odd that the army would accept someone with social problems (lack of social skills) in an extremely social environment.

  5. :/ i know what special observer's do. i found loads of information about that. its the selection course. i have asked my AFCO, wasnt told anything, checked 4/73 bty website and it didnt say what it involved, googled and got nothing.

    did a search on this forum, and so far everyone asking simular questions is just called a retard and not given an ansewer.

    my colourblindness isnt a barrier, as i wrote, i went over it with my AFCO and i can do special observer with my level of colour blindness.

    ok cheers. asperger's syndrome is on the autistic scale and was more of a learning difficulty but did have some anti social stuff in it.

    but i was never officaly classified, it just says "i showed signs of" asperger's syndrome back when i was 6. just kinda curious as to how **** the army might be over this stuff.
  6. ooh ooh i know its the RA isnt it Sir..........Stop being a smart arse and tell him what he is asking if you know so much!
  7. I suppose i should give you the info -

    The course consists of the following:

    1. Physical Endurance, Stamina and Navigation
    2. Tactics and Patrolling
    3. Communications Skills
    4.Advanced Combat Field Firing
    5.Specialist Skills Package
    a) Specialist OP and Observation Skills
    b) Medical Trauma
    c) Survival
    6.Advanced Patrolling Skills
    7.Final Surveillance and Reconnaissance Patrolling evaluation
    8.Basic Op Assistant.

    It is a 16 week course now, and you really need to be very good at map reading aswell as fitness wise.

    The special observer is 4/73 bty in the Royal Artillery and part of 5th regiment based up in catterick.
    Special observers work on there own and tag along on operations, to any part of the world.
    You will work with the US rangers on exercise etc..

    Hope this has helped
  8. thank you mate, that was the kinda info i was after, i always enjoyed camping with the college in knee high snow and always found map reading incredibly easy

    fingers crossed for the medical.

    so what does number 7 actually involve? any idea? i know you shouldnt think that far ahead and i should just focas on phase 1 and phase 2 etc but still, curious :p
  9. I know some people that have done it and ive also been in the army before so i kind of have an idea.

    Number 7 is all about watching the enemy, how there supplies come in and what time, how many enemy there are and what sort of weapons they use. That sort of stuff.
  10. ahh cheers, sounds intresting tbh.
  11. it does sound interesting imo aswell. never heard of this role, ill look into it...