Some Poles claim Child benefit twice - BBC news article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by romach, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. After listening to some tree hugger whining on about what a benefit eastern Europeans are to the UK, read this

    It really p!sses me off that they get away with it. and we pay for them.
  2. Hold on a sec, there are a lot of DSS benefit fraudsters out there. I would imagine most of them are British citizens. No doubt some of them are not.

    Of those migrant workers who come here to work I would imagine that most do work and earn legitimately, just as do most British citizens, while some do not.

    This is a non story. Some recipients of benefits are fraudulently claiming: shock news. It is not limited to foreigners, and to put such a slant on it is not helpful, and probably detracts from the reality that we should be vigilant to prevent ALL fraud on the DSS
  3. Shame. very small minority tarnish the reputation of, IMHO, a good bunch of folk. Work with, and live close to, a lot of poles and have a lot of respect for them.
  4. Well said Schweik. Yet another tabloid comic doing the work of the xenophobes!!!!

    Immigrant workers have a long way to go to catch up with our own chav leeches!!! :x
  5. it does show that Britain pays out then confirms right to the Child benefit with the home nation afterwards.

    As pointed out by schweik - there are lots of benefit cheats who are born in this country. Its just that New Liarbour said they put controls in place to stop Eastern European who have not paid taxes here for a minimum of 2 years from drawing down benefits!

    Yet again - more lies from this government
  6. This was a report on Radio 5 Live that was aired yesterday. As EU immegrants, they have the right to claim UK child benefit, or the difference between the Polish and UK rates, ie claim Polish and recieve the difference from UK (as many families claim Kindergeld in Germany), but not full rates on both.

    It is another issue of benefit fraud that effects everyone and should be dealt with, along with all the other cases of benefit fraud that exist
  7. I dont think that is what is being said on here, but you do like to add a twist dont you WP. Benefit fraud is unaceptable from anyone. Full stop
  8. Well said Schweik, we've got loads of east europeans near Fleet and Aldershot. They work damn hard and very long hours doing jobs rest of us won't.

    Personally I'd allow anyone with good character in who wants to work, and ship out all the scroungers who have been on rock n roll for more than 6 months or scrounging any other benefit when fit to work.

    If goverment took up this policy then hopefully it would start with that useless waste of space (never worked in 20 years except on side) I have to call a brother.

    He's a total drain on hard working members of society
  9. It's our welfare state that's at fault, not the people who exploit it - who can blame them for getting a few quid if the system is run so shambolically? :? Our government has grossly underestimated the number of Eastern Europeans who have become resident here since they joined the EU :roll: :x

    I do agree though, like has been said already that we have plenty of our own lazy Chav scum who abuse the benefit system to the tune of billions each year so a few Eastern Europeans hardly tip the balance :roll:

    I've got no problems with anyone who comes to our country and is willing to work hard for a living and contribute to the economy - I'd rather have a few hard working Polish here than a load of lazy, unemployed British chavs. Do you reckon Poland will take them off our hands!? :lol: :?
  10. I can't agree with that. Yes the benefits sytem is badly managed. OTOH I do blame people who exploit it. They are theiving antiisocial B'stards! The tossers who rob from the benefit fund deprieve the whole rest of society the things that money otherwise could be spent upon. And it is billions, the defense budget could be almost doubled if benefit fraud was stopped.

    It makes me so angry that I would support a law where anyone found frauding the system would be entitled to not another single penny from a taxpayer ever again. Ok, maybe on a second or third strike.
  11. They didn't underestimate at all, they knew precisely what they were doing. It was and remains deliberate policy.

    Your above remarks are not a million miles away from saying its a rape victims faulst because she is wearing a short skirt.
  12. Schweik

    agreed that
    But Why THE FKCU should they get child allowance and other benifits witout paying anything into the system?

    I have payed into the UK system sice 1979. NI and TAX , still paying TAX now on the pension.

    Polish fathers on day 1 in the UK can claim child allowance and send it back to Poland for the kids.

    I (who have not claimed 1 penny in those 28 years ) until the birth of Little O_B that is last year , have been told officially that Little O-B is not entitled to any allowance. WTF I still pay UK tax , I am working in the EU as in MRS O_B.

    Oh and we cannot claim child allowance localy as there is none here (Much like in Poland).

    No benifits for 5 years put something in before you can take it out.