Some photos from Spean Bridge


Thought I would chuck some photos up of my trip to the Commando memorial at Spean Bridge.





Took wife's aunt up there a year after uncle Bill passed away ( commando WW2 ) very impressive and just a bit dusty.

Excellent photographs, thanks 2/51. We had the great pleasure a few years ago of taking to see the memorial a remarkable lady whose RM husband had been one of the models for the statue.
Here is my effort from a few years ago … typical weather … hissing down with rain ...

commando WS.jpg

Mrs B_R and I also drove up to Achnacarry Castle and I walked … walked down the Dark Mile … I believe with a few Whiskies on board you can still hear the ringing of Boots Ammunition crashing down there in the black of night .
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Took wife's aunt up there a year after uncle Bill passed away ( commando WW2 ) very impressive and just a bit dusty.

I know what you mean pal. I've been there a couple of times , always cold and damp, but a wee dusty at the same time. Weird....
Thats weird this dusty business, watching the festival of remembrance this year on the box, when the widows came in and that cellist started to play (Barbers Requiem pls if any body knows it wasn't and does know what it was i stand to be corrected), the amount of dust was amazing and i could of sworn that Mrs Mac had cleaned that afternoon.
Scattered the old mans ashes there late last year (was Royal Navy Combined Operations), and a few went into Loch Fyne as requested. Lovely place, and sure held a lot of good memories for him.


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Cap comforters - somehow no longer seen as 'ally'. Someone try and tell them that.


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Did you walk the new tourist trail?
Did you walk the new tourist trail?

Not sure if your Post is directed towards me but this is what I walked over 10 years ago ...

Achnacarry Dark Mile WL.jpg

I have a copy of " Castle Commando " by Donald Gilchrist and was able to relate on the ground locations detailed in his book .


It's an amazing place. I walked to the memorial garden and must admit it was extremely emotional. There are photos of RM's killed on Herrick and it really hits home.

Unfortunately the weather turned for the bad and we had to walk away as my daughter was moaning about not feeling her feet and hands. I will be back though. Hope to take a group of Cadets across for a weekend and do the march from the station to the castle for charity.

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The statues have very distinctive faces. I wonder who they were modeled on?


Nice pictures, particularly like the first one, very atmospheric. I've seen the memorial a few times and always thinks it looks its most striking when its pissing down with some mist on the mountains.
Spean bridge is a great memorial....Ive done the commando speed march event their the last 2 years...the atmosphere is great for the event and a good way to remember, pay tribute and raise money for the charity
Mmm, nice pair of socks there, wot!
Apart from that, the statues are a fine work of art. The verdigris on the bronze works well.


I was there for Remembrance Parade this year.
If you look closely you can see me beside the memorial :)

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