some people are just never happy...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maguire, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ...they have to have it both ways...ahem...

    Hotel owner sparks anger by putting up provocative sign declaring 'Poofters welcome' | Mail Online

    'A hotel owner has caused uproar in his village after putting up a sign outside the building saying 'Poofters welcome here'.

    Mike Saqui meant the sign to be a pointed reference to the case where a Cornish B&B owner refused to let in gay couples. '

    personally, if I was good with colours, I'd be happy to know I was welcome in his establishment.
  2. He should have run up the Fantastic Flag of Fagdom - and set it on fire. That would have gotten him noticed you bet on the national news.

  3. Where would we be without The Daily Mail and their team of professional Outrage Hunters?
  4. I like the way that guy thinks. A lesson for all the thin skinned perhaps, if others followed suite we could cut through all those 'N' type words.

    Pakis welcome
    Niggers welcome
    Fenians welcome
    Nazis welcome
  5. Agreed!

    When I move back to Amsterdam after my pension I will open a B&B and open it to Stoned-and-Drunken Limeys; Fat-and-Red Englishmen and Loud-Pantyless and Puking Hen parties!
    Poofs are welcome everywhere in Amsterdam, its those small but highly visible minorities that always have problems finding a place to stay :)
  6. There's no pleasing some people.

    "Thats just what Jesus said sir"
  7. Don't they Daily Wail usually get pissed off because gays are actually allowed to use hotels?

    Anyway - story time from that oh so well known brand of hotels I work in. You know the one. A certain shit comedian does the adverts.

    A couple of lads at the last hotel I worked at always turned up on Monday or Tuesday nights, proper wee neds. They booked a room and when you tried to make it a twin they'd ask for a double and soon it became clear that these two boys just needed a place to shag. We got savvy to it and we got to know them quite well, they were nice enough guys. So the staff were used to booking the double bed.

    Then we were assigned a new manager.

    New Manager is a prissy economics graduate with a penchant for Prada suits. She talks like a fucking politicians wife and she's utterly anally retentive. She gets the late shift when these lads come to check in and sticks them in a twin room without asking. The lads go to the room then come back and ask if they can be moved to one with a double bed. New Manager goes apeshit, starts shouting and bawling at them, tells them to GTFO of her hotel and all this nonsense. She's not having that 'under her roof' and stuff.

    Last I heard, the company had to pay these two guys something heavy in the way of compensation.
  8. Thought of another, a wee pic of Mohammed and a welcome sign.

    Could also put ones of Jebus, Buddha, Haile Selassie et al for balance.
  9. How very narrow minded she is! If a double bed was good enough for Oscar then it's good enough for me. ;-) :p

  10. No problem with any of it, but then women will feel unwelcome, so the sign must have 'Cunt welcome' as well. Best to clarify though by adding excluding Blair, Brown and Prescott.
  11. Marvelous! Was looking for smart reply to the story about the Prada suited fascist girl, but I'll just say: "Hear! Hear!" to this one!
  12. Outage are always outraged. I wonder what colour their bus is?
  13. Sounds like he was just having a laugh and hopefully it fetches him more business.
  14. My sign would read: Black, White, Gay, Straight. You'll all get the same piss stained mattress.