Some people are gay. I SAID SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. I have been following a blog for a couple of months by a blogger of the name of Old Holburn
    here is his entry from earlier in the week, superb:

    Some people are gay. I SAID SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY!!!

    I’m sick of it. Thoroughly sick of it.

    At every turn today, I am being shouted at by people who like to sleep with people of the same sex. Nothing I watch or see or do is untainted by this vociferous minority.

    They have a voice WAY beyond anybody else and all I can hear is them shouting. Again.

    So what is so fcuking different about Gays? WHY do they demand quotas, special rights, representation at every level and in every fcuking thing?

    In essence, homosexuals are exactly the same as everybody else, except what they do in bed. But so are sado masochists and adult babies. So are people into rubber or wife swapping or c0ck piercings. Do they demand quotas, representation, legislation? Do they have to infiltrate every facet of modern life? Do they have to march through the streets demanding recognition?

    No, they fcuking don’t. They get on with doing whatever it is they enjoy. And they leave me alone. Gays can’t do that. They have to be seen and heard at every opportunity. Their views have to be taken into account, their opinions sought before the rest of us are allowed to get on doing whatever it is we do.

    Stop telling us what you do in bed. I’m not fcuking interested. You are not special. You do not need special rights any more than I do. You just need to shut the fcuk up.

    Perfect example of queens screaming LOOK AT ME! Over at Mrs Dale’s place.
    Along with an advert

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  3. So it's still ok to be a bender, right? I mean, we didn't change the law recently, did we? I really have to start reading newspapers again.
  4. Keep chasing that rainbow!
  5. Of course it's fine :roll: everything is = on here, just click the linky below to contact other likeminded 'men' in your area! :wink:
  6. Does he live in a gay community?
  7. Perhaps he likes watching badgers on Clapham Common.
  8. Used to called 'The love that dare not speak it's name'. Nowadays it seems it's the 'Love that won't stop shouting about it'.

    No problems with people being what they want to be so long as they have the good manners not to bore me with the details.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The was a fudgepacker working in a callcentre I worked in a while ago,He made it known he was gay & used the 'gay card' whenever it was needed.It was a tech center for a broadband provider & he was useless.He knew nothing about the tech side & fu**ed up more peopels services than he fixed,he was abusive to the callers.
    Now these are things that workers were sacked for.
    But whenever he was hauled into the office he played the card,he even accused other workers of sexual harrasment.
    and he was 'billy-no-mates to boot!
  10. Are you Indian or Scouse?
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Neither,I'm a Brummie & proud of it!!!!!! :D
    (living in Norn Iron! :? )
  12. I had someone like that working for me once. Tried the "gay card" with me. Not happy so I told him he was welcome to take it up with my boss if he thinks I am anti-gay. Of course this was not a one off thing and I had briefed my boss about the potential problem child previously.

    So off we go to see my boss. There problem child stands and tell my boss how all his problems are the result of TM being anti-gay and that he is only late for work a couple of times each week ete etc.

    After problem child has finished his tale of woe my boss basically tells him to stop being such a wet drip and if he does not like the way we run things he is welcome to find other employment.

    Problem child then actually screams at my boss telling him that he is an anti-gay bigot. So my boss sacks him there and then and calls security to escort him off the premises.

    By the way, my boss at the time was one of biggest raving homosexual gay bar loiterers I had ever met and he did consider it bad form when I started laughing out loud as the problem child screamed at him.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why do some people insist on living in a community, I live in a housee with my family, people I choose to spend time with!
  14. Don't you know "it takes a village" ...


  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not round here old kiddy