Some Outstanding News on RIRA

Friends say Michael Campbell has been barred from contacting his family, was being held with three inmates who regularly take drugs and that his cell lights are switched off as part of Lithuania's anti-recession drive.

My heart is pumping purple piss. I hope the fucker is getting dry bummed till his eyes bleed 5 times a day.

Outstanding news
Oh well, that's his automatic release under Human Rights legislation, then! :roll:
I dunno, but £8,600 for "a haul of weapons including a sniper rifle, detonators, timers and about 10kg (22lb) of high explosives" seems a bit too much of a bargain to be true. You'd have thought the terrorist mastermind would have spotted the sting.
The Deputy Chief Prosecutor seems willing (should he be found guilty) to send him to Ireland to serve his sentence!

No, leave him in Lithuania, and let him serve his sentence there. It's only a pity they don't have the death penalty in Lithuania for smuggling arms...
I hope he gets bummed until he gets aids too. Didn't him and/or his brother get away with the crime of the Omagh bombing, only to be found guilty in a private prosecution?

Why don't the people of Omagh kill these two cnuts, privately like.

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