Some old marksmanship / shooting competition docs (pic heavy)


The 'potential replacement for the SA80' thread and associated comments about marksmanship training / competition shooting tickled some old memories about some stuff I have squirrelled away from previous generations.

I've dug it out as it might be of interest in terms of memories for the old and bold, or in terms of comparison to more modern methods. Sorry, this is pic heavy by nature.

Article no.1. Grandad's 1931 rifle and light automatic (Lewis, not Bren!) training handbook. He was KSLI 31 - 38, then recalled during the Second Big Nastyness.

1931 cover.jpg

Basic tests

1931 2.jpg

More to follow.


Article no2.

Moving forwards 40 years, RMRA 1970 manual, including competitions, rules and regs and structure. This is really, really thorough stuff...happy to post any individual pages from the index, if of interest to anyone.

rmra 1.jpg

rmra 2.jpg


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The Roberts Cup. The agony snap. I'd tell you I still have nightmares about 30sec at a time in the aim, target appears at any range for three seconds. Engage.

But I'd be lying.