Some of the funniest things Ive ever read. I salute you!


New to this site and I don't know if its a bit necky of a red arrse to start a new topic but wasn't sure where to post this:

Just had a look at the ARRSEpedia stuff about the different 'walts' and I would like to thank whoever took the time to compile that as it is some of the funniest things I've ever read. The ACF CSM from Lancashire who was having the correspondence with the 'American girl' he thought he was grooming....I genuinely had to dry my eyes. The picture of him and the 2 God-knows-what 'cavalry' troopers...........

Sir, I salute you. Just wanted to show my appreciation.


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Gosh Ttm, you have read my mind. I was about to say the same thing after reading ARRSEpedia a couple of days ago. Some of it is priceless and obviously some very talented writers on this site.
If ever I am at a loose end I will take a browse through it in the certain knowledge of some really good belly laughs.
I too, salute them and applaud their efforts. Long may they reign.
But speaking of walts, I'm sure we all knew walts from the regulars. Knew a couple from my old lot who were the biggest fibbers going and believed the whoppers they told, which was the scary thing......


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sure I speak for all the sysops and contributors when I say ta very much.

We do our best to be funny ... but mostly its just the safe side of libellous, obscene and in shocking taste. In other words Good Drills! :D
Yeah I just want to add my gratitude to the walt hunters . I don't laugh much but my bowels emptied ater reading the material . A ruined carpet was worth it guys :lol:
I would also like to say thank you to all the authors of the arrsepedia pages, and forum posts - which are both informative and very funny. Any way to click "like" or "add reputation", or some other electronic pat on the back?

Thanks again :)

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