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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Jock123, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. I've been looking through these forums for a little while now and I have to say i'm left in utter disbelief. I've read plenty of threads about people wanting to join RMP, considering transferring to the RMP or even looking for more information and every single thread i've read about the subjects have been de-railed into some kind of hatred for the RMP. There are far too many people on here speaking about "circumstances" in which they have encountered incompetant RMP soldiers/officers, while in no way will i sit and discredit the accounts that have been made many of them seem so far feteched from the same people who just want to have a go.

    While it seems to be a general thing in the Forces as a whole that service police are hated (much more so than civilian counterparts) i'm astounded that people here can rant on in the way's that they have, there are many topics here with people looking for genuine advice and assistance and all most can do is belittle them for their considerations, speak down to them for even considering a career as service police and just generally act like an ass towards them.

    I'm really left confused, I mean why would someone feal the need to come to the specific "AGC, RAPTC and SASC" Forums for advice about the RMP, which specifically falls under the AGC to just be met with this ridiculous aggression and hatred. It's pathetic, it really is and judging from the posts of a large group of the "Senior" members they are indeed "older" veterans who have at some point had service in different Regiments/Corps etc. While I will in no way sit and say that the RMP don't have people who are incompetant and incapable of doing the job I personally find the attitude of some people on these forums to be disgraceful, immature and completley pathetic.

    How do you justify pure hatred towards an entire Corps based on a few encounters with bad apples is beyond me but more so the fact that you can spew your crap when people are looking for genuine help and not allow that help to get through is sad. I would suggest that if you can't contribute to someone's topic and offer the help and advice they need that you could move on to another post, but judging by some of the replies there are plenty of people here just looking for a fight. I really wonder if some of the stories people have posted here about the RMP are even true at all or if people are just trying to get a rise and start a fight.

    In my time in service i have yet to meet an incompetant or incable RMP Soldier or Officer, while i have met plenty of incompetant Soldiers/Officers from other Regiments/Corps, perhaps i've been lucky? Perhaps not.

    I came to these forums thinking I would find helpful insightful advice whilst I am considering a new career, when I first started looking through some of the other boards I was finding some intresting stuff, some healthy debate and of course the usual "this job is s**t don't do it you'll hate it" people. But nothing compared to the drivvel people post on here, for people who no doubt have had many years of service and probably alot of useful information you discredit yourself here. There's no doubt in my mind the majority of "RMP haters" were complete drama cases when they were in service and thus have come to loathe the service police to the extent they do today, there probably is the corrupt, incompetant waste of space RMP as with every other unit in the Army but that in no way justifies most of these posts.

    RMP have a tough job, like everyone else in the Forces, in a modern theatre of war they're with you on the frontline and everyone i've encountered so far has been reliable and dependable. Perhaps the RMP haters here should get with the times and get over the issues they have had in the past with RMP and realise that they do a good job in the modern army. I'd invite anyone to share any evidence of RMP corruption, incompetance etc here but let's face it these far fetched stories don't wash, any idiot can come here and make up some story if these problems people have highlighted about the RMP are true then make a service complaint and take it further, that's what the process if for.

    To the serving and former RMP, I salute you. You've done a tough job in very tough circumstances, thank you.
  2. Wedge that's a belter.
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  3. I'm former RMP. The OP can **** right off.
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  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You can abbreviate that to:

    "Hi. I'm Jock123, and I am in/was in the RMP"
  5. I like the cut of his jib. You there, non RMP!!....Bow before my greatness, bow!!...or I'll fit you up.
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  6. Ah, the usual one liner replies and crappy answers. Just to clear up things, no i'm not in the RMP. zero-over, no disrespect to you, but anyone can say that.
  7. This is rather a quiet board. Why not try a re-post in the NAAFI? You views deserve a wider audience.
  8. Actually, you're right! I'm going to drag the next chav I see round to my local nick for common-law breach of the peace while shouting "I was in the RMP! All must observe my power!"
  9. Why would anyone PRETEND to be former RMP? Shut your face you lousy civilian.
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  10. If you were RMP, then you were RMP, I do not know you and I don't really care to know you. Your attitude is that of a sad bitter twisted man and for the record, I am no civilian.
  11. I think you're right. The RMP are clearly a misunderstood breed. Folk join the RMP because they want to help their fellow soldiers. They're just like nurses, and all they want is to be loved.

    Alternatively you are spouting some real shit and folk join the RMP because they want to **** people around and throw their (usually not inconsiderable) weight around. They get a kick out of ******* people over and then moaning about how everyone hates them.
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  12. Your 'power' allows the excessive use of casual violence.
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  13. You sound like one. A whiny one. Do you really think that any current or former RMP on here needs you to come riding to the rescue?
  14. Fixed for you **** face - why say it in 400 words when a handful will do
  15. Eh?