Some More Racism... Apparently.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by therealbigdizzle, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Fookin hell, the couple look inbred. Oh and yeah that's a pretty shitty thing to happen, but look at the eyes on the wife, they give me the fear.
  2. I must admit, I got to the first photo and assumed that they were the Romanian Pikeys.
  3. Me too. As a man of Roma decent I'd just like to say I'd never do such a thing, however if you want your gas or leccy fixed I'm your man.
  4. I'm more than capable of gaffa taping and painting over something myself, but cheers for the offer!

    On a more serious note, read it some more, and what to know...

    What is the point in a court order, where if the recipient tears it up, another 2 months are added to the legal case??

    If I ever get in the poo and have a court order put against me, now I know that all I need to do is rip it up and I'm free for another 2 months... well looks like it anyway.

    Though I need to get a citizenship in an Eastern European nation first and have a family with 29 people in the direct part alone, plus an extended family of 103 (all to live in the house with me).
  5. In the mail you say?

    Racism, police fail to act? broken Britain? let down by the state? pedophile housed next to school?

    4 out of 5 isn't bad.
  6. Leave our Romanian friends alone you racist white trash. I would welcome them to live in my house, as long as it's not my house.

    PS. If they are here illegally, would anyone know if they accidently went missing, with my hammer in the back of their fcuking head?
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Big chain round the house
    A load of mates laughing and joking outside
    Shoot any fukcer that interferes and set light to house

    At least that's how my grandad Herman says he and the boys used to deal with pikeys in Russia 42- 45
  8. There is an easy fix to this find the local ASBO family drop them a few pounds to make the skip lickers life hell they will not care if the get another ASBO
  9. They were only warned they might be racist when they started questioning the Romanians right to be in the countyr, not when they called them for the squatting intruders.

    It does say that in the article.

  10. Fixed that for you.
  11. I thought the People's Corpse was a Daily Express speciality?
  12. I thought "racism" only applied to humans(and the Welsh). These are Pikies. No case to answer.

    Anyway, expecting Plod to deal with Pikies is a waste of a 'phone call. Unless you are black, gay, Muslim or a former head of RBS. :roll:

    Come to think of it, I'd love to see Plod try to sort out a dispute between Pikies and Muslims; Plods head would probably melt... :twisted:
  13. I think that is the first woman for a long time that I wouldn't, not even with Jarrod's.

    On a more serious note, benefits should be suspended until they comply with the Court's legal requirements.
  14. ud think the husband wud just man up and get several of his mates round to fill the stinkin pikey scum in. kick the doors in and forcibly evict the cvnts. they''ll soon find some1 elses house for their 150 kids to grow up and learn how to claim benefits in.