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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by evil belly, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. just watching bear grylls on the tell before i head out for a few pints of the black stuff
    hes doing quite well for himself on civvy strasse
    own programme, endorsements from washing powder companies, and knife manufacturers
    as i watch he is kicking lumps out of a crocodile with nothing more than a bit of bamboo
    and ating lumps out of it and telling us it tastes like peanut butter
    a lot of ye lads could take a leaf out of his book when you leave the ranks
    just say to yourselves...what would bear do
  2. This fella would still kick his cnut in:

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  3. "Bear do". Found in woods a lot, is it?

  4. Security guard is the way forward.
  5. Not with a "topical" security company at the moment!
  6. I think it's now more generally found in clingfilm.
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  7. Doing well on civi street? He was never off it. He did a short stint with the TA SAS (although I understand he didn't pass selection), but that's hardly 22 years in Germany and no civi quals.

    He may large up his "ex special forces" stuff, but he does have some cheap Craghoppers trousers to shift.

    As an aside, he's a belter.
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  8. Les Stroud wins hands down
  9. les Hiddins?
  10. I loved that Foreign Legion basic training programme that he did a few years ago where he and a group of sub-optimal petty thieves and mixed pondlife were stuck in a mud fort and given some 1970s/1980s style depot treatment.

    Being a STAB-ninja he had never done depot and it seemed to come as a horrid shock to him.
  11. just say to yourselves...what would bear do?

    Find a local hotel and stay there?
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  12. Like to see him go up against Chuck Norris.
  13. Is that some sort of homoerotic fantasy of yours?
  14. dunno
    i saw him start a fire with a mobile fone battery
    he just stabbed it with his knife and the battery started to
    smoke like fuck and then he threw a load of twigs and
    leaves on it and before ya knew it there was a pile of grubs roasting
    surley that commands respect

  15. That really sounds like a sensible thing to do in a survival situation.
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