Some lookers here!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. The first one looks like she`s turned into Michael Jackson .............I`d rather die!
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  2. I was thinking she looked more like Michael Myers!
  3. Don't do drugs kids.

    Stick to fags, booze, and legal highs.
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  4. Well you know how it is, once you get into your thirties when you're knackered you fucking look it!
  5. Goatrutar clearly hasn't seen this thread yet, thus allowing me to say - they're fucking lush.
  6. Thirties!? Fucking he'll mate, you wanna get down the gym a bit more often or take up boxing. I'm 36 and dripping in testosterone soaked manliness and boyish good looks.

    Having said that we are pups on here. Most of Arrse is populated by folk so old their skin can be carbon dated.
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  7. Oh less of the agist thing young pup. Some of us are in our late forties, dripping in testosterone soaking manliness and boyish good looks and have to fight women off due to being cold war warriors! :)
  8. She must have been especially susceptible!


    Which is a shame, she was quite lush.
  9. I just meant after a bout of not sleeping well I look fucked, I almost obsessively follow a weight training plan, and run/hike miles a week, I'm in bloody good shape and still have all my own hair & teeth!
  10. He never calls anymore as I'm too old for him and the fact I'm completely covered in tattoos puts him off 'coz he thinks it makes him think he's wrestling a pads wife
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