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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Hello chaps, this'll probably be my last post on the fitness part of the forum for a while hopefully.

    I booked my AOSB main board a while back, the knee problems I described previously have gone away, and I have just over 6 weeks until the big event.

    As I mentioned previously, I mocked up the fitness test a few days ago in the local park, and passed. An additional 5% extra fitness or so wouldn't go amiss though!

    What I'm asking for are tips and methods on the most efficient way to train in the month and a half I've got left. In fitness terms I feel that period of time isn't a lot, hence the title.

    Many thanks, this forum is worth it's weight in gold!

    *edit* At the moment I'm planning on cutting training to 3 times a week, but for longer, 50 minutes a time. A combination of cycling and running. Either 1 x cycling and 2 x running a week, or vice versa. I don't really need to work on my sit ups anymore, they're fine. My press ups could use a bit of improvement.

    Thanks ladies and gents :)
  2. You have highlighted what you must do:

    Increase your training time but not the intensity - RMAS will do that for you.

    Cross-train - cycling, swimming, running etc iot exercise all muscle groups.

    Eat sensibly

    Build your core muscles - use a ball

    Take one/two days off once a week - REST!

    Don't damage yourself at this stage!

  3. It all depends on what you want to improve on in the month and half you have left?
  4. Hello Marky,

    I'm looking to gain a few extra points on the cardio fitness, and a few more push ups in the two minutes we're allocated.

    @Litotes: I've never used a ball before. I'll look it up on google of course, but I'd rather read an explanation from a person with actual experience?
  5. Hiya Crah,

    If you like I can send you a 3 week Programme thats not too intense but it will definatley improve on what you have if followed.

    PM me your email if required.... :D
  6. Thanks for the offer Marky, PM sent :D
  7. Email received Marky, many thanks!

    Looks exactly what I'm looking for.

    I hope it gives me that last edge that I feel I still need, I can pass the tests, but not by enough for me to feel confident:)
  8. 6 weeks? Sounds like I'll be on the same board as you then! Anyway can I get in on that fitness programme? my main prob is press ups and general upper body for the assault course. Just remembered that arms have to be tight in on the press ups - I've been training doing wide grip for months. D'OH!!
  9. If you PM me your address I'm sure Marky won't mind me forwarding it on to you. 8)
  10. I've always been told the hands should be "a comfortable distance apart". No nonsense about being vertically in line with the shoulders. And no-one has ever commented on my technique...

    I shall carry on doing them this way until told otherwise.

  11. Saved by the bell (ball)....

    Swiss Ball

    I am no expert at using them - only experienced at falling off the bloody things!

  12. Tell me about it. It took me absolutely ages to get up to the 44 they want. Sit ups were so easy by comparison.
  13. The most anti-social exercise in the world. I wish the whole thing was about sit ups, i can do them... I'm only worried about the assault course. anyone know how high the hurdles are? I did my briefing about 4 years ago now and the closest I've come to one since was watching olympic grandstand...